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What’s So Trendy About Airline Credit Card Offers That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

If you've thought about getting an airline credit card but haven't yet taken the plunge, you may not be entirely sure what you're getting yourself into. There are many pros and cons to getting one, and it's important to weigh them carefully. After all, you'll be using this credit card to purchase airfare – so it pays to be informed on all of your options. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of airline credit cards, and why they may not be right for your needs.

The Drawbacks Of Airline Credit Cards One of the most common drawbacks to getting an airline card is that the APR can be a bit too high. If you don't qualify for the best rates, you could end up with interest rates as high as 6%, which is significantly higher than the average credit card APR. Also, airline cards often have very high or very low credit requirements in order to get approved. You'll have to have excellent or good credit to even consider your chances of these benefits. Even if you can get approved, you'll still usually pay full interest on any balance transfer balances, which can end up costing you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year.

Another con of airline credit cards is that many don't let you earn any points or bonuses and just don't offer frequent flyer miles. This means that you have to work really hard to earn even the small incentives that are available. You can earn bonuses, but those bonuses may not save you much money, because they are only offered periodically. Also, those frequent flyer miles can be difficult to get, since most airlines only give out a small number. You won't be able to use those miles to save much money.

What makes airline cards so enticing to many consumers is the fact that many credit card companies will offer you a sign-up bonus when you apply. The sign-up bonus may be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Many credit card companies will also throw in travel rewards programs as part of your sign-up bonus. These rewards programs are great, but again, you'll need to use them often to make any real money. If you don't use the points or air miles that you earn with the rewards programs, you're going to be required to pay full interest on those expenses.

This means that you are not likely to earn points or cash back, and you may actually end up paying more in interest over the life of your airline credit card agreement. In comparison, cash back rewards cards generally offer a lower APR and are typically less expensive as well. The reason that you'll pay more interest with an airline travel rewards card is that you'll be spending more money on payments, which are determined by airline services and the airline's affiliate programs.

Even though there are many good benefits of these cards, there are also a few bad points. First, airline credit card issuers generally won't offer you any grace periods during which you can pay off your balance before hitting an interest rate. If you don't pay off your balance within the specified grace period, you are subject to all of the interest charges from that date on. This can add up to a lot of interest charges over the life of your agreement. It is best to pay off your balance before these fees start piling up.

Another drawback to airline credit cards is that most of them don't allow you to build any cash value. You won't receive anything as a reward for using your card to buy airline tickets. This may not be a problem if you are a frequent flyer, however. Frequent flyers are given first chance at these deals, so they often get the best fare deals and the most valuable rewards.

With all of the options out there for airline cards, how do you know which one is right for you? The key is to read the fine print. Many of the major credit card providers have great rewards programs tied in with their airlines. So, you should take advantage of those deals. For instance, Diamondair and American Airlines both offer frequent flyer rewards and long-term promotions.

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