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The Seven Reasons Tourists Love Southwest Airlines Card

If you are looking for an airline card that offers low interest rates and no annual fee, look no further than the Southwest Airlines card. As you might know, Southwest Airlines is one of the most trusted names in the airline industry. With great customer service and convenient air lines, they have been a popular choice for years. This makes it easy to understand why they make a great credit card option.

Southwest Airlines cardholders enjoy many benefits including the free checked luggage discount, no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees, no baggage fees, no need to upgrade to business or first class, and no blackout fees. With these amenities, you can fly without worrying about missing your connecting flight. In addition, with their no annual fee and no blackout fees, you can fly as much as you like. The easiest way to benefit from the no annual fee and no blackout fees is through the airline's free, frequent flier program. This program allows frequent fliers to earn miles toward free tickets and other special rewards.

Even though there are some disadvantages to this card, there are also some strong points as well. First, the cash back program is one of the best features of the cards. With this option, you can earn unlimited rewards on all of your purchases. You will earn up to 25 cents per point if you spend at least a certain amount on your purchases. This gives you some good incentives, but the downside is the limited ability to cash in these rewards. You cannot cash in miles towards future airline tickets or store cards, for example.

Another benefit offered by the card is the convenient and inexpensive international travel insurance options. In addition to the free airfare discounts, you can also get away fares if you pay for your baggage claim at the airline ticket counter. These benefits make travelling abroad even more affordable. When combined with the free international travel insurance policy, the cards offer an easy way to save on additional fees and charges while booking through the airline's own web portal. Again, you cannot cash in any travel points for tickets to other companies' destinations.

Southwest Airlines offers benefits that have its own drawbacks. For example, the one-time application fee costs four times more than the annual travel credit cards. The annual fee is a one-time payment that is due at the beginning of every year. If you are a frequent flier, this fee can add up to a lot.

Also, the cards do not give you access to any direct flights from your destination. If you would like to earn points towards future airline tickets and other benefits, you need to be a valued customer to the airline. Otherwise, you will just waste your points. You cannot cash in your points for hotel stays, cruises, rental cars, or any other travel partners including spas and fitness clubs.

In addition, you cannot cash in your points for purchases at the airport or shopping malls. Even if you use the airport's Wi-Fi credits for purchases, the annual fee prohibits you from using these Wi-Fi credits for such purchases. So you can only use your Wi-Fi credits for online purchases and such. And the limitation to purchases and online transactions applies even to purchases of gifts for family members who are traveling with you.

And most importantly, the rewards offered by the cards cannot be used to offset the penalties incurred during the first year. This means that the actual rewards that you earn are not able to be used until the year's end. One example of this is the airline miles credit card, which offers a one hundred twenty-five percent match up to a one thousand mile flight ticket. The card offers a one hundred twenty-five percent match up to a one thousand mile flight ticket and then requires a twelve hundred mile return flight. What is meant by this is that once the introductory period is over, if you do not use the points to make future purchases, you will incur charges equivalent to fifteen percent of the total amount of the purchases you make. An example would be if you were to purchase a one thousand dollar plane ticket using your airline miles, you would need to pay fifteen percent of the total amount.

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