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3 Ways On How To Get The Most From This Free Credit Cards

Free credit cards are an excellent way of improving your credit rating. A 0% cash back credit line on your new card will save you a lot of money, in more ways than one. For example, what is the cost of a round-trip domestic flight, when you could take a cheaper direct flight home? How about paying for a hotel stay instead of using your credit card to pay for it?

A 0% interest charge credit cards are most useful if you already have a high monthly expenditure coming in, such as an international holiday, a large-screen HDTV or a new car. These interest-free offers are usually only available for an introductory time, but in the long-term you'll find that you have accumulated a considerable amount of interest to pay back. Even the best interest free credit cards have fees and charges.

Most introductory free credit cards offer a standard annual fee, even if the interest free period doesn't expire for three months or longer. Even some cards with no annual fee charge have additional charges. If you already have an annual fee credit cards, look at other options before signing up for a new one.

Cash back rewards on free credit cards are great, but there are a few disadvantages, too. The first is that cash back rewards are only given once a year. When this happens, you won't get any cash back for purchases made during the calendar year when you don't use your card. Also, these rewards may not cover the full amount you spent. Some credit card companies only pay out the cash you saved or used in the interest free period.

Another disadvantage to free credit cards is that they often don't cover balance transfers. If you transfer your balance to another introductory offer card, you'll need to pay a transfer fee. If the new interest rate is higher than your current rate, then you'll be paying off that balance even after you use your card to pay off the balance. This means you'll still owe that same interest amount you had paid before you transferred your balance. In addition, many free credit cards require an annual fee, and many don't offer an unlimited free transfer period. You may not even be able to make use of the special features on all your cards at any given time.

Credit card issuers may not charge an annual fee, but they often have foreign transaction fees, application fee, and maintenance fees. Foreign transaction fees are separate from the interest rate. They may apply if you use your card abroad, even if you make purchases within your country. Some of these fees can also increase if you transfer money abroad. Most interest free credit cards don't offer any kind of foreign transaction fees.

Balance transfer cards that don't tie you down to any monthly payments have a lot of advantages over their more expensive counterparts. You can use the new interest rate to shave off a substantial amount of your debt, and since the interest-free period lasts only a few months, you'll be free to move your balances around as much as you want. The only disadvantage is that most interest free credit cards require that you transfer at least some of your balances to get the lowest rates. After all, the longer you're stuck with a high balance, the more you'll have to pay off.

If you're a student, you can benefit from interest-free or zero percent introductory offers. Most students don't have credit cards, and they're punished by annual fees, application fees, and maintenance fees when they graduate. However, if you transfer your balances to an interest free card in your first year of college, you can save hundreds of dollars in interest charges. It's also possible to find no annual fee cards even for adults with bad credit.

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