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4 Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Visa Motley Fool | visa motley fool

“Buy Visa or Learn To Be Rich” is the first book in an explosive new series revealing the secret of top business skills, using Visa and Mastercard power to create astonishing wealth. Better Buy Mastercard or Visa Motley Fools. The series offers an explosive way to create incredible wealth- at your fingertips using the world's most powerful financial tools. Other macros are spotlighting other businesses that use these financial tools to great advantage. As this book illustrates, using a global network of trusted contacts to make massive money can be as simple as using a credit card.

Buy Visa or Learn to be Rich is written for the new investor who wants to know how the system works. It's not a do it your way book with lots of hype analysis and technical analysis. Rather, it's a straightforward guide to building powerful, highly profitably investing money management systems using nothing more than your credit cards.

Motley Fools shares five years of backtest results for a simple fee. They offer the data in a table format with the option to download it to Excel. You can see their return statistics with respect to various time frames. Also available are detailed explanations of the five year return period, as well as the standard deviation. A useful tool is the time series function which you can use to plot the annualized data to reveal your returns over time. This function can be set up to reveal all of the data and you'll get a visual depiction of the standard deviation and the range of random returns.

The five year return provides a useful teaching tool for future financial planners. It gives a real world comparison of different money management systems and can be used to teach classes in finance, insurance, investment management and other related areas. It demonstrates how important it is to understand risk in order to effectively manage money. Once you understand the importance of backtesting and what you need to know to run a great system, you can go out and start trading with real cash!

There are plenty of excellent free resources available on the Internet to assist you in learning the material. I especially like the fact that there is no money management system that is required to begin using the materials. You will also find that the materials are very easy to read and implement.

I particularly like the in-depth look at the credit card interest management issues covered. In fact, it may surprise you to learn that the fees you pay for APR are covered in this book. The author also looks into the topic of high frequency trading and how to avoid it. Although he does not go into the specific details of how to implement the strategies in practice, he does give some good recommendations on ways to minimize your risk and make sure you maximize your profits.

Of course, just because the author has a Master's degree from prestigious University does not mean that this is a patent on brilliance. The book is chock full of practical wisdom and very helpful. The book also contains a wealth of additional data, charts and images for you to use and implement in your own strategies. Although the format of the book may look a bit small, there is a lot of content. You are not merely reading a bunch of facts and figures.

As with any self-help or money management product, the book will only serve as a guide. It will not automatically turn you into an expert on any given subject. If you do not apply the techniques and strategies that you learn, you will not see significant improvements in your trading. However, if you do implement the concepts and learn what the author believes are the best tips for optimizing your trades, you will definitely reap the rewards.

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