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The 4 Steps Needed For Putting Citibank Visa Into Action | citibank visa

Employees who regularly incur business related expenses from their companies should apply for the Citibank Visa Corporate Card. The Citibank Visa Corporate Card provides authorized account holders with the privilege to use their cards to make purchases at retail stores, travel agencies, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. To be entitled to one, the applicant should have a regular bank account. The Citibank Visa Corporate Card comes with an easy application process, which normally takes around thirty minutes.

Applicants can also apply online, by providing the necessary personal as well as business information. They will be required to key in information such as name, address, phone number, social security number, email address, and date of birth. Once the information is submitted, applicants will receive a response e-mail along with their application status. Upon approval, Citibank will send them a prepaid debit card and a routing number.

Citibank Visa cards can be used to make purchases at participating retailers including Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Coach, K mart, Walmart, and many more. Customers can also choose among a variety of incentives and benefits when applying for a Citibank Visa Business Card. Rewards include air miles, cash back, gift certificates, discounts on merchandise, and much more. There are a number of restrictions that apply when availing the benefits of the Citibank Visa business card. These restrictions might include:

* avoided credit card fraud early warning sign. Citibank requires their customers to sign an agreement form before they can obtain their cards. The form includes important card benefits fraud alert sign, which instructs the customer service representative to contact the customer immediately if fraud occurs. This option prevents the Citibank Visa Card holder from being caught in the act of fraud. This should be done as soon as the application form has been filled out and any fees have been paid. The customer service representative may call the customer on a day that is convenient for them.

* failed checks. One of the primary ways that Citibank Visa business cardholders are victimized by fraud is through failed checks. Some customers who obtain their cards, make business trips and then forgot to cash out the balance on their cards. Others may be withdrawing cash from ATM machines while abroad and not realize they have already depleted their account. Citibank strongly recommends that all cardholders avoid the use of their bank's ATM machines and instead cash withdrawals should be made through reputable companies only.

* unauthorized changes to account number. Fraudsters are always willing to illegally use another person's credit card number, as it is virtually impossible to determine who a cardholder is by just using their social security number. For this reason, it is best for cardholders to change their pin numbers every thirty days in order to protect themselves against unauthorized charges. Doing so will help to minimize the amount of charges incurred by the credit card user. If the cardholder finds charges on their account that they are unable to explain, they should contact the Citibank customer service department to determine what happened and file a claim.

* Purchasing on the street. Fraudsters have also been known to use the Citibank ATM system when purchasing items that require a credit check. They do so because the majority of ATM locations that are located on the street are not equipped with the special software needed to perform the credit checks. The lack of processing software means that cardholders run the risk of paying a higher fee for a purchase or in some instances will be charged excessive fees for purchasing the item. If cardholders suspect this is happening to them, they should contact Citibank immediately in order to cancel any purchases made on the ATM machine.

* Fraud at working locations. Citibank strongly recommends that all business owners review their operating locations thoroughly in order to detect potential fraud. Businesses should avoid allowing their regular employees to make purchases on their credit cards from working locations. In addition to not letting regular employees make purchases on their credit cards, they should refrain from allowing any employee to make purchases from their operating locations on credit cards.

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