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Seven Reasons Why Citi Nri Is Common In USA | citi nri

Open a Citi NRI offshore banking account to enjoy innumerable benefits. Here is how it works. You need to open an account in any of the Citi banks in order to enjoy the benefits of offshore banking. These banks give you a foreign currency account and let you get involved in trading in the foreign exchange market. Learn more on how to open such accounts.

The first step is opening the Citi NRI offshore treasury account. You need to open an offshore treasury account through a qualified bank. You can open the account from your usual bank or through a lender who deals in offshore banking services. You may also do it from your credit card company or online at the Citi Web site. It does not take too long to process your request. Your account will be opened within a few hours.

Your NRI bank account will give you access to your own money offshore. With this, you can invest in foreign currencies according to your wish. You can buy properties, offshore mutual funds, stocks, bonds and so on. The main advantage is that you get more privacy. You cannot be traced back to your current address while you are doing your transactions.

Opening an account with Citi is relatively safe. You can be rest assured that your money is safe as you deal with the world's biggest financial institution. Your personal details are kept very confidential and all your transactions are handled legally and competently.

You can be rest assured of getting your money transferred to your account on time. If you have an NRI account, the bank branches across the island are connected and can transfer your money to your specified account on the given date and time. This makes your financial transactions really fast.

One of the biggest advantages of CITI is that they have tie-ups with various international banks and hence it is easy for you to get money transferred to your account. The other major advantage is that you will not have to go to New York or Mumbai to open an account. All your transactions are done online and you do not have to fax any papers to the bank. All you need to do is fill up a simple application form.

Opening an account with CITI NRI can be done through a number of ways. For instance, you can go to one of their branches across the island or you can apply online. There is also a special option for students called the Student Account Opening facility. In this case, the bank will waive the registration fee for the account. In this way, only students can avail this facility.

A CITI NRI account can be used for a number of purposes. For instance, you can purchase property abroad, pay for medical treatment abroad, buy a car overseas, or even send money to family overseas. In fact, you can use your account for virtually anything that you wish. There is no limit to what you can do with your CITI NRI account!

If you are thinking about applying for CITI NRI, the next step is to look for a reputed bank. While there are several banks in India that deal in foreign currency, only a handful of them deal in CITI NRI. Hence, it is important that you choose a good bank. There are many banks in India that are known for servicing expatriates. However, some of these banks might have slightly higher charges than others.

Once you have chosen a good bank, you will have to get your CITI NRI account opened. You can do this online. The process is quite simple and fast. There are just a few documents that you have to fill up, including your identification details and your employment details. You can have your CITI NRI account opened within 2 weeks.

One of the most convenient methods of obtaining a CITI NRI account is by applying online. You can select the type of account that you want, such as savings account or a current account. You will be able to apply from your home. Once you complete the application, you should get a response within three working days. Your NRI card should then be in your hands in as little as two weeks.

To find a CITI NRI account, all you have to do is browse the net. There are numerous websites that help you locate a CITI NRI account. However, keep in mind that many of them charge a fee for this service. Hence, it is better if you were to open your own CITI NRI account.

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