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3 Common Myths About Citimanager | citimanager

Citimanager is a new app in the Google Play Store. The application was inspired by the Citibank business application. The main aim of the developer of this application is to make it more efficient and user-friendly than any other banking application available in the market today. It offers a unique and very attractive design to go well with the overall look of your Android device. To make your use of the app more efficient, here are some of the useful features:

Global Consistency – The Citimanager app for Citi Commercial Cards allows you to conveniently use your smartphone or tablets to access important account information from anywhere around the world. It maintains a global consistency of services that are available to customers who have these accounts with Citibank regardless of the currency used or where the transactions are made. This is important for customers who frequently travel and can avail of special deals only applicable to the country in which they are currently located. For instance, if a customer wants to avail of a Citimanager discount for traveling to Europe, the application will be available across all countries.

Convenience of Reporting – With the help of citimanager, cardholders can easily access detailed reports of their recent transactions and corporate account balances. The report includes details such as the amount of transaction fees that are incurred, the value of each transaction, the time when the last transaction occurred and the amount of outstanding balances that are associated with the account. This makes it very easy for the user to review and understand the details of their payment history.

Convenience of Customer Service – The most impressive aspect of the Citimanager portal is that it offers great customer service at any time of the day. The user will be immediately provided with assistance when needed. This makes it a convenient service to provide to cardholders who travel regularly internationally. Furthermore, the portal also allows the user to track his or her flight using the onboard maps and applications.

Protection of Passwords and Security Features – As mentioned earlier, the primary objective of any credit or charge card holder is to minimize the chances of fraud. To this end, most credit card users prefer to maintain strong passwords. This is achieved by preventing the use of one password throughout the lifetime of a credit or charge card account. Furthermore, the incorporation of smart cards into the citimanager website means that users do not have to remember a common password and instead have the option to generate a unique one-time password that can be kept secret until the time of usage.

Ease of Use and Support – It is understandable that not every user will be familiar with the entire process of using a new online banking product. As a result, some users may feel that it takes too long for the citimanager portal to create their statements. On the contrary, the portal offers speedy customer support through phone, email and chat systems. Furthermore, the tool enables cardholders to save their information in one of several different folders, each containing different types of information such as personal statements, investment profiles, stock reports and travel history. This is useful for those who wish to manage more than one account. For example, the traveler can have his own investment folder in which to store his portfolio while the domestic user can have a separate travel folder in which to store his travel information.

Free and Instant Account Balances – One of the primary goals of any credit or charge card holder is to reduce the cost of any credit or charge card transactions. The citimanager travel card program achieves this by providing customers with a free balance transfer experience. The process is simple. Upon signing up, the user submits his or her name, email and contact details in order to activate the free credit or charge card account. This account can then be used to make purchases at participating merchants across the United States while also enjoying ongoing free or low-cost balance transfers to other participating merchants until the user has enough balance to be transferred to a new travel card account.

Free Card Design – The Citimanager travel card allows cardholders to design their card with an all-customized design. The user can choose an eye-catching color scheme or a graphic that speaks volumes about their personality. This ensures that the card looks great on both their face and that it is easy to read when they use it. In addition, cardholders can also choose to have a picture of themselves or a symbol representing their organization printed on their card.

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