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The 3 Secrets You Will Never Know About Vanilla Visa Gift Card | vanilla visa gift card

VISA has just recently expanded its gift card portfolio with the introduction, the basic premise behind Visa Gift Cards is to simplify spending by making purchases online. It offers the convenience of giving someone cash for what they want without needing to actually make a purchase. They are ideal for consumers looking to save time and eliminate the hassle of leaving their credit card at the register. Where Visa Gift Cards normally are intended to be used by the individual buying the gift, the Vanilla line has a slightly more specific application purpose.

This card is only designed to be used by someone you already know and to whom you can easily give money. That being said, this type of Visa gift card can still be a useful tool as it lets you spend more than the amount specified on the card in a single purchase. It's more of a concept than anything else.

With a standard Visa card, you cannot exceed the amount you've authorized as spending. That limit typically varies between cards but you can spend any amount above the limit at your discretion. With a VISA card, you can purchase as much as you like and then pay for it later. This gives you the freedom to purchase a large item and leave the remaining balance due at the end of the month, leaving you free to go on vacation or have extra money in your pocket to take that hike to Cedar Springs.

While there is no limit on the amount you can spend when it comes to Visa gift cards, it can be difficult to get more than $1000 authorized each year. For those who need to follow this limit, it can be even more of a challenge. That's why annual fees and balance transfers are often applied when you sign up for a VISA card. After all, you don't want to pay fees on something you could easily avoid with a little foresight. In addition, some businesses will charge you a higher interest rate when using a VISA card, further inflating the cost of your gift card purchases.

You also won't enjoy the same benefits as you would a traditional credit card. Since you don't have to provide a deposit to use it, you won't enjoy the benefits of making purchases online, shopping gift cards, and using reloadable debit cards. The convenience of having your purchases secured by Visa ensures that you always have the money available should you need it, but the fees involved make it a less desirable financial tool for many consumers. If you regularly make purchases with your VISA card, you may want to consider transferring your balances to a lower APR credit card instead of continuing to pay interest on unused balances. However, remember to check the terms of any transfer fees before taking them on.

Another drawback of the Vanilla Visa Credit Card is that you won't enjoy rewards or perks like those offered with some other cards. Rewards are earned for purchases made with your credit card, regardless of whether they are made with your Vanilla Visa Credit Card or a different brand. The exception is that gas station and department store cards may offer you the option of a rebate when purchases are made at their locations. Even if you don't get a rebate, there's no reason not to make purchases at these types of businesses, as the rewards and rebates can be very substantial.

Another disadvantage of the Vanilla Visa Credit Card is that you have to pay an annual fee if you're an active member of the program. This fee can become quite high, especially if you make frequent purchases, as the annual fees for most cards run between $25 and $35. Even if you're not planning to use your card to make a large purchase (such as a car), you may want to consider whether the annual fee is worth it. You should also take into account how much the annual fee costs compared to the purchase price of the card. If you find the yearly fee to be a significant amount, you may want to consider a different credit card or one that doesn't charge annual fees.

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