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Ten Things You Need To Know About Caesars Total Rewards Visa Today | caesars total rewards visa

The Caesars Total Rewards Visa card is basically an international credit card for Caesars Entertainment. This credit card comes with a reward of 10,500 points if that is spent over the first ninety days. The credit limit is the equivalent of two vacations taken each year. Both Caesars Bank and Comenity Bank are owned by Alliance Data, who is based in Columbus, Ohio.

The program has two different reward programs. In one, you can earn two tier rewards points for every dollar that you spend. You have to make sure that you are always within the spending requirements or your points will be declined.

In the other program, you have to earn a five-tier credits for every dollar that you spend. These rewards are called elite rewards. Every dollar that you earn here will earn you five bonus points. If you meet the requirement, you will be given an elite certificate. The premium of this elite program is comparatively higher than that of the regular reward credits. However, it is not hard to earn this high level reward credits.

Most importantly, Caesars total rewards visa members receive loyalty points, the best reward being platinum status. When you become a member, you will enjoy free travel whenever you visit any of the following U.S. destinations:

As soon as you become a member, you will automatically be assigned a bronze or silver status. After all, bronze is the lowest status and silver the highest status. Every time you successfully complete an assignment, you can earn one point. Eventually, after fulfilling all your assignments, you will reach a level with enough points that you will be eligible for the platinum status.

As soon as you get your silver status, you will automatically be assigned a platinum account. If you successfully redeem the points from your platinum account, you will be entitled to a free flight to London, which will take you to Wyndham London. Another benefit of your credit cards is that you are qualified for a special offer of tickets to prominent landmarks in London. There are three different offers from Caesars Rewards Visa and members will have the opportunity to choose among them.

Another special offer from the Caesars total rewards Visa is the redemption of points. Members have the option of earning credits for every single purchase they make. The more credits that you have earned, the more money you can have added into your account. When you redeem the points, you will be able to receive room rates at a variety of hotels in London.

You will also have the opportunity to enjoy complimentary tickets for a specific number of nights. For every five hundred nights that you spend in your hotel of choice, you will be entitled to three free nights rewards points. The free nights rewards points are not a requirement, but they definitely make things better for you. The top destination hotels in London that you will find included in the packages offered by Caesars Total Rewards Visa include hotels like the Victoria and Albert Hall, Westfield shopping centre, Grosvenor House and The Forum. You do not have to worry about accommodation as you will have a range of options to choose from. You can choose to stay in the elegant serviced apartments or the cosy luxury hotels.

You will get to enjoy free calls wherever you are in the world thanks to a telephone service provided by Caesars Total Rewards Visa. You can even enjoy a free drink with your dinner in some of the fine dining restaurants in the UK. Another amazing offer offered by the credit card provider is the possibility to get fifty percent off the cost of dining out for two. There are no collection agencies involved and all transactions are carried out under your own name.

The complete package will include free services such as round trip ticket for a luxurious trip around the world, free meals at selected restaurants and the opportunity to earn up to two hundred and twenty-five thousand tier credits that can be used to purchase tickets for the glamorous Formula 1 races. There are also no restrictions on the cash value of the reward points that you earn, so they can be used to purchase the tickets for any major event. The value of the points is equivalent to twenty-five dollars each. If you have an active visa then you can take advantage of the promotional offers before the end of this year.

When you earn these rewards credit cards from Caesars Worldwide, you have the chance to earn more by making hotel stays at any of their properties. As a matter of fact, the opportunity to earn five hundred percent hotel stays could mean a lifetime stay at a top rated facility. With your Caesars Visa, you are entitled to get fifty percent off any hotel stays you book during the promo period. You can make use of the same services that apply when you earn five hundred percent point bonuses, so you have the flexibility to choose a destination that best suits your requirements.

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