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Seven Things You Should Do In Blizzard Gift Card | blizzard gift card

If you love the excitement of playing video games but cannot always make it to the store to buy gifts, then a Blizzard Gift Card might be just the thing for you! This unique credit card offers you the same benefits as an actual Blizzard game card but instead of using real money, you earn the rewards through the Internet. You can use your credit to purchase items in the Blizzard Store with ease, without needing to connect credit cards, PayPal or bank accounts to your account. You'll receive this Blizzard Balance token in the form of an email in the normal manner from the gaming company.

To get this in-game currency, log on to the World of Warcraft site, select your gift card and then follow the directions on the screen. You'll need to create an ewallet in order to be able to use your balance and purchase items in the in-game marketplace. Instructions on how to create these are provided at the gaming company's website.

Purchasing items with these in-game credits requires the purchaser to activate his or her balance. Doing so will earn you points that can then be redeemed for a variety of in-game items, including vanity items, mount skins, special edition game boxes and even rare collector's editions. When these items are purchased, they can be used to purchase them from the in-game marketplace. The process is simple – simply click on the relevant purchase box. When a purchase is completed, you receive a little text message and your balance changes.

Once you have earned points by making purchases, you can withdraw them from your Blizzard account using your credit card. To do so, you'll click on the relevant card icon next to your character's name on your interface. An icon that says “You don't have enough credits” will indicate that you won't be able to proceed until you have enough balance in your account to cover the purchase price of the item. Once you've successfully added the desired item to your shopping cart, you'll see its details, along with its in-game price, quantity and date of purchase. The process is quite easy, particularly if you play on a frequent basis.

How do I redeem my Blizzard gift card? Your account will usually prompt you to input your name and email address before being able to proceed. Be sure to provide accurate information! Attempting to make a purchase with an incorrect email or name will likely result in loss of the money you've spent. After adding the gift card to your account, you'll notice a corresponding change in your balance.

How do I make use of my balance? Purchases you make using the Blizzard Gift Card will be added to your virtual balance. Simply choose the items you want to add to your virtual shopping cart, pay for them, and wait for the final amount of money to settle in your account before proceeding with the purchase. When the total of money you've spent on purchases equals the total of your balance, you can close out your shopping cart and proceed to check your balance. In addition to your card balance, the in-game balance of your account will also appear.

Can I use these cards on multiple Blizzard games? While it is not possible to combine more than one Blizzard gift card into your savings account, it is possible to move funds between various games provided the cards are used within a certain period of time. This is often referred to as transferring your balance. Make sure you read the terms of service for each game with which you wish to transfer the card because some may have restrictions on transferring between games. Transferring your balance between games is a great way to increase your available funds, but you need to watch out for any potential fees associated with usage of the transferred balance.

Can you use this card towards in-game purchases? Yes, you can! Once your balance is full, you can use this option to accelerate your purchases. All purchases you make with the credit card are applied to the in-game balance. This is a great way to quickly raise your credit score without a lot of down time.

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