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Is Equifax Credit Information Services Still Relevant? | equifax credit information services

Equifax India is presently registered as Equifax Credit Information Services Private Limited(ECIS). It is an authorized credit information company that collects and collates personal credit-related information from member banks andNBFCs among others among many others. They are also the leading provider of credit history information across the world. They are in India since the year 2021. They are one of the major players in the field of credit and financial market.

They are a global player in the credit history industry and have established their name in the Indian markets as leading providers of consumer credit history services. They compile the consumer credit history of the individual through different channels. They can be directly contacted by a customer or they can send their requests to their specialized equifax agents who will in turn contact the individual on behalf of the company.

Equifax credit information services are available to all or most of the customers of these international companies. Their main business is the collection of financial information of individuals and compiling reports and providing them to the end consumers such as lenders, employers, creditors, and other third parties. The scope of their business is vastly widened. They have developed a special system that collects and stores information from all the consumer bureau across the world.

There are several activities undertaken by these organizations. The collection of financial information from the customers is the prime function of these agencies. They provide these services to lenders, employers, creditors, banks etc. They compile credit score of the individual and use it to make a decision whether to offer loans or not. This information provided by the consumer bureau is used to fix the credit score of an individual.

There is another class of the Equifax credit score services offered by them. This class refers to the analysis of credit scores and personal background of the individual. This class of the Equifax credit score services offers many different services like the review of consumer report that includes all the data of an individual including the credit report, employment history, criminal record and so on. This type of the services is also beneficial for the employers. It is very important to check the consumer reports of the employees before offering them a job.

There are two categories of these credit reports offered by the Equifax. They are the secured and the unsecured consumer reporting agencies. The secured credit report is the one that has some security features like the encryption of the passwords, codes, and so on. The other category is the unsecured credit report that doesn't have any such features. This means that an individual can access his own report through the secured consumer reporting agencies.

There are various ways through which you can get the Equifax credit report. One of the ways is to use the secured consumer reporting agency. This will enable you to get your own report in a very short period of time and also will save your money, since the service charges from the defendant's side.

You may call the dedicated toll-free number for getting the report. The staff members of this phone line will explain to you about how to go about logging in to the Equifax website and will help you with the registration. Once you are done with the registration, you can get your own detailed credit reporting. The instructions will be given to you by the representative of the credit reporting company.

Another way is to make use of the regular email system for contacting Equifax. The representative of this email system will help you register on the website of Equifax. Once you have registered, you can access the site of Equifax and can request for the consumer reports. The instructions will be sent to you via email. In case you want to speak to an authorized representative of the credit reporting company, then the toll-free telephone number is the best option for you, since it is accessible at all times of the day and night.

If you want to talk to an authorized representative of the company, then you can contact him or her during the working hours of the ordinary business hours. Then, you can ask about the details about the submission of the EIN number of the defendant. This number is valid only up to the last 12 months and during that period, the owner of the EIN cannot use it for any type of commercial purpose. Similarly, the defendant cannot use the EIN for buying or selling property in United States until the next six months from the issue of the complaint.

Besides this, the defendant cannot file a suit against the victim after the expiry of the six-month period. Similarly, the civil penalties cannot be filed against the victim before the expiry of the six-month period. Moreover, the debtor cannot be filed a suit for the criminal penalty until the period of the trial is over. Thus, the above mentioned information about the rights and duties of the victim and the defendant is provided in accordance with the federal consumer protection act of 1996 amendments. This article is only for general information.

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