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4 Lessons That Will Teach You All You Need To Know About Giftly | giftly

Giftly is an online gift card company that takes this concept and executes it, employing an innovative twist on the traditional gift card model, and with a further more interesting (and possibly still future-proofing) theory as to how to choose the right merchants for the gift packages they offer. Giftly does not actually sell gift certificates. Rather it sells “gift vouchers” which can be redeemed for whatever gift is presented within the voucher. This sounds confusing but in actual fact, it is easy to understand: when you present someone with a gift voucher, it is automatically considered to be a gift certificate.

You might imagine how complicated this would be if you were to try to navigate the web to find a gift shop offering the kind of voucher you wish to purchase. The gift shop website will, of course, have a section marked “Vouchers” where the prospective customers can select from a selection of gift certificates. But how can you tell which vendor to order from? You might say that a gift certificate, with a face value of $25, is a gift voucher suitable for any merchant. So you think you've found a bargain deal, you click the “buy” button, and in comes the checkout.

You're sent to a page telling you that you are unable to proceed – in error or according to the terms of the gift card provider. What do you do now? Since the merchant's website uses a two-way link system, you can follow the link to the “pay form” which usually indicates that you have to join date in order to complete the transaction. So you go ahead and enter your name and email address, and after a few moments you are given another screen inviting you to sign in, so that the transaction can be completed.

If Giftly's goal has been to offer as many gift cards as possible to the public, it has certainly achieved its mission. Over the last few months, Giftly has accepted hundreds of thousands of gift certificates, most of which have been posted by well-known retailers such as Macy's, Target, Best Buy, Wal-Mart and K-Mart. Some of these merchants may have actually posted gift certificates through Giftly as a marketing strategy. Although most of the gift certificates listed on the site were initially posted by retailers, it's also true that some gift certificates were posted by gift card issuers themselves, to boost their business.

So, what does all this mean for consumers? One of the advantages of using Giftly is that you don't have to limit yourself to only using the gift card website, or only shopping at certain stores. Because the giftly application uses a two-way link system, you can browse the market in a wide variety of locations. And because the transactions are performed through a secured server, there is no need to divulge your email address or any other such sensitive information. This means that even though you have an existing social media account, you can easily use Giftly to make purchases without having to worry about giving away your email address in the process.

Another advantage is that since most of the transactions are done through a secure network, fraud is virtually nil. This is particularly beneficial to someone who wants to re-gift something old or something new to someone else. As long as you use a safe email provider, your personal information is safe. Also, since the purchase transactions are done through a credit card, the buyer can always refuse the purchase if he chooses. So even if you don't want to give the gift card back or exchange it, the buyer can still keep the money in his account, which is a great benefit over the conventional shopping experience.

Is there anything different when it comes to using gift certificates from gift card merchants? The answer is that yes, there is! Some traditional gift card merchants allow their members to add additional discounts and promotions to their gift cards. Through giftly legit, you can add any promotional codes to your gift card, which means that your future purchases will have more value than what they would have if you purchased it at a conventional store. This is very helpful because most of the time, gift card purchases are impulse buys. Thus, adding a discount to them can really help make sure that your next purchase will be a good one.

These days, lots of people have started buying gift cards. Indeed, it is a great way to spend less and get more. However, some people do not have this option because they need to use a gift card immediately. That is why merchants who offer gift cards are becoming more popular nowadays.

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