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4 Ideas To Organize Your Own Amazon Rewards Visa | amazon rewards visa

If you have been a loyal customer to Whole Foods Market in the past, you will want to join the Amazon Rewards Visa program. You can begin the process by asking your Distributor to sign up for the Amazon program. Your Distributor is the person or the label you see when you add items to your grocery shopping cart. They are the one who will process your payments.

Joining Amazon Rewards Visa is a great way to earn money back from every single purchase you make at Amazon. With the Amazon Rewards Visa Card, you will earn an Unlimited 3% cash bonus on purchases at Amazon. You will also earn 2% on restaurants, gasoline stations and other drugstores and 1% on all other purchases worldwide.

As a member of the Amazon program, you will receive four (4) different reward categories depending on your Reward Status. For example, if you are a Diamond member you will receive the gold bonus and platinum member will receive the platinum bonus. The more you make purchases with your Amazon rewards Visa Card, the more eligible you become for the higher membership bonuses. Once you become a platinum member, you will also gain access to the super bonus – double your purchase frequency and enjoy an even greater rewards rate.

Every time you make a purchase at Amazon with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card you will earn one (1%) points toward earning a bonus award. Each time you reach $1000 in eligible online shopping, you will earn two (2%) points toward your bonus award. When reaching $2500 in eligible online shopping, you will earn three (3%) points toward your bonus award. So now you see how easy it is to earn great rewards from just making simple purchases? It only takes a few minutes each time, to make eligible online purchases with your Amazon Rewards Visa Card. What's more, this will continue to earn you points, rewards and incentives each month.

Now let's take a look at some other examples of how you can earn rewards with your Amazons rewards Visa Cards. If you travel often, then you could start earning rewards with your Amazons rewards Visa Cards by using the Gas Stations program. The Gas Stations program is a rewards program that gives you rebates and bonuses on the purchases you make at participating gas stations in the U.S. and Canada. Each time you make a purchase at one of the participating gas stations, you will earn one (1%) rebate on the price of the purchase or two (2%) rebates and one (1%) bonus on the sale price if you purchased through the merchant website. In addition to rebates and bonuses, many gas stations offer cash back and e-guaranteed credit to their customers.

How can you get more cash back and rebate benefits? By making purchases at Whole Foods Market, Safeway, and Walmart while using your Amazon rewards Visa Cards. There are also other merchants that offer a percentage off purchases at their websites. When you combine all of these efforts, you can actually earn more money than what you would by simply using your regular credit card to make purchases at these retailers!

If you need a little extra incentive to use your Amazon rewards Visa Cards, then consider using your Amazons rewards to pay for your monthly groceries at the drugstores. Drugstores like CVS, Walgreens and pharmacy coupons can give you cash rebates and savings on the purchases you make. In addition to cash rebates and discounts, many drugstores offer grocery coupons that you can print and use in combination with the cash register's automatic credit-card-rendering features. If you're not sure about which drugstore to choose, then you may want to check out the list of drugstores provided by ConsumerReports. This list is updated frequently and may help guide you in choosing the best drugstore for your needs.

No matter what kind of spending patterns you have, it makes sense for you to reward yourself for your good financial habits. Not only do you get cash rebates and discounts on your purchases, but you can also use your rewards to pay for your monthly household bills and utilities! And with a statement credit from your Amazon rewards Visa Card, you can pay off those high-interest credit cards or other high-interest loans without making any payments.

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