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4 Doubts About Credit Cards Apply Online You Should Clarify | credit cards apply online

Many people today apply for credit cards online where you are able to fill out the form, have your credit verified and receive approval within a matter of minutes. One could question, if it has become so easy, why is it that it has taken so long to get a card these days? While there may be some snags on the process of obtaining a credit card, such as having multiple accounts open at the same time or not having a good payment history, there are some simple ways that you could improve your chances of getting approved.

For instance, some credit cards offer cash-back rewards. While it is true that you will receive cash-back rewards on purchases you make, the point must be taken that these points do not always translate into actual cash. If the purchases are of little value or are not typical of what the typical consumer would purchase, then having a credit card with cash-back rewards is actually not such a good thing. It may be better to wait until you acquire some credit before you begin to use cash-back programs in an attempt to increase your credit score.

Some credit cards offer special incentives such as no annual fee, whereas many others require you to pay an annual fee that may not be affordable for many people. If you are looking for a no-fee card, then you should be aware that the no annual fee ones generally have higher spending limits than their annual counterparts. In some cases, you are restricted to a particular spending amount per dollar, while the co-branded alternatives may allow you to spend anywhere from five to ten percent more per dollar.

It is not uncommon to find credit cards that offer some sort of deal or incentive when it comes to co-branded travel. In general, these deals are great because they give you a chance to save money while spending less. It is a win-win situation in most cases. While the perks can sometimes be expensive, the overall cost savings can make them well worth the cost of the perks. If you have an eye on saving, then these co-branded travel cards may be for you.

American Express offers the best perks out there for both its credit cards and co-branded partner programs. American Express offers the platinum Level Rewards Green Card, which gives you five percent rebate on dining and shopping at restaurants and five percent off entertainment purchases. The regular Platinum Card lets you earn two points for every dollar that you charge, but you cannot cash in these points for gifts or merchandise. American Express also partners with other companies including Starwood, Hilton, Aloft Hotel Group, Best Western, Hotels Canada, and many more.

The Discover More card allows you to earn two reward points for every dollar that you charge, but you have to pay an annual fee of one hundred dollars. You get cash back bonuses and can redeem points towards merchandise and airline tickets. The Discover More card allows you to use your credit card for gas, groceries, department stores, drugstores, and other vendors, but you only get one point per dollar. As with American Express's cards, you cannot cash in your points for gifts. This one is worth checking out if you are looking for rewards that are nationally available.

The last of the cards mentioned here is the Nerd Wallet favorites credit card. It does not provide cash-back or travel rewards, but it does allow you to earn air miles instead. These air miles can be used to travel when you book airline tickets using this card. One nice perk of this card is that you cannot cash in your points for gift cards or merchandise, but you do earn rewards for participating in their customer service program. This is definitely a place to start if you want rewards that are nationwide.

All of these cards pay cash back on purchases that you make. They all also offer some type of merchandise or airline tickets in addition to rewards. With the wide range of cards that you can choose from, there really is no reason to hold back from using them. Whether you prefer the perks or cash backs offered, it is easy to find the perfect card for your spending habits. It just takes a little bit of research.

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