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The Reasons Why We Love American Airlines Mastercard | american airlines mastercard

The Citi AAdvantage Gold Select MasterCard currently provides 50,000 bonus miles to qualifying new customers who spend at least $5,000 within the next three months of card ownership. This is now redeemable for about $645 on American Airlines tickets, according to Wallet Hub's survey. That's pretty sweet, especially considering that American Airline has some of the steepest airline ticket prices around!

American Airline has had some great customer service scores recently, too. The company's website is a pleasure to shop, and it offers plenty of tools for managing your account. But can American Airline cards really earn you big spend bonuses? Well, no, they cannot-at least not yet. If you have an older Visa or MasterCard, you're in luck: you can apply for an airline credit card via those cards as well. In fact, you can convert your current cards into American Airlines reward credits just to save more money!

But wait, you say, if American Airline doesn't offer a card-linked to its own rewards program, then why would I want to transfer my current card? That's a good question, and the answer isn't all that complicated. Transferring an American Airlines credit card allows you to earn more miles than you would by staying with your current provider. You earn bonus miles for every dollar you charge on your card, and those bonus miles add up quickly. After earning your bonus miles, you can redeem them for free or low-cost airline tickets.

Cardholders often find themselves wondering about bonus miles, and the benefits of transferring their American Airlines credit cards to one of the many other major carriers. One benefit is the ability to earn low-cost airline tickets. Some people don't think that transferring credit cards is worth it because they think the frequent flyer miles earned through other carriers won't be nearly as valuable. But there are still a lot of options available. And with some research and a lot of luck, you can enjoy earning as much award flights and other discounts as you can.

Another advantage of transferring American Airlines credit cards is the additional value they bring to the table. As we've mentioned before, frequent fliers often get lucky and land themselves on award flights, discounted or otherwise. If you happen to be one of those lucky people, you might be able to take advantage of a savings of five to ten percent of the original cost of the flight. With many airlines, in fact, adding Aadvantage Miles to your card can equal a savings of five to ten percent on every single flight!

American Airlines is also a strong partner of Inbound Travel, the online division of a major global travel company. The parent company, which operates both the Inbound and Hotels segments, already allows its customers to transfer their American Express Platinum Card to MasterCard through the purchase of travel vouchers. Travelers can use these Inbound Travel vouchers for air fare discounts, hotel stays, cruises and rentals and more. They can also earn miles that they can redeem later, on everything from hotel stays to plane tickets.

There are a few ways for you to get all of this. You could try to search out discount codes for American Airlines or check the frequent flier programs that apply to American Airlines. There are a number of web specials that expire every month, providing deep discounts to elite customers. But these savings are only valid for the specific airline and cannot be used for other airlines.

An even simpler way is to use a MasterCard to pay for your fares via the airline's Web site. All you need to do is make sure that your American Airlines credit card is loaded with enough credit to cover your flight and bookings and that you have the maximum credit card balance. You will then be able to book your flight and pay for it at a Web site that sells the American Airlines elite membership card. This will let you enjoy all of the benefits of having an elite status card without paying the annual fee. It also gives you free checked bags as well as other significant savings.

AAdvantage credit cards − AAdvantage program − American Airlines – american airlines mastercard | american airlines mastercard

AAdvantage credit cards − AAdvantage program − American Airlines – american airlines mastercard | american airlines mastercard

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