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The History of Destiny Mastercard Reviews | destiny mastercard reviews

Destiny Mastercard was recently introduced to the consumer market by Genesis Financial Services, a California based company. This credit card is basically a debit card that links your bank account to your credit card. The process is rather simple and easy. All you need is an active bank account. Also, you need to have a current pay stub to qualify for this credit card. Destiny offers cards for those who are 18 years old and up, although they do accept minors who have been declared responsible by the parent.

Destiny offers the lowest interest rates around as well as the benefit of instant online transactions. However, there are some cons with this service. First, Destiny does not provide an option for prepaid Visa or MasterCard. If you wish to obtain a card but you have bad credit, this may be a problem. In addition, there are some less formalities in relation to the purchase of merchandise through this particular credit service.

Many consumers have reported issues obtaining this credit card with Destiny because of the need to place a security deposit against the purchase. Many of these consumers were denied a security deposit because they had bad standing credit history. For many of these individuals, this security deposit issue was not enough to cause them to decline this offer, but they did not know this at the time of approval. As a result, they spent the money for an unauthorized electronic product and were hit with expensive litigation and creditor's fees.

Many of these security deposit problems were eventually resolved by the credit card services through their affiliate network. They worked with the creditors to lower the amount of security deposit requirements for new credit cards. This lowered the number of consumers who were negatively impacted by the credit line reduction. Also, when a consumer applies for and is approved for a new credit card through the Destiny program, they do not have to pay the $6.00 per item transaction fee anymore. Previously, the customer would have to pay this fee.

Consumers also should remember that with any opportunity, there are pros and cons. Some consumers enjoy the fact that they are no longer required to pay an annual fee for their charge cards. For many, the annual fee is the main reason why they chose to apply with Destiny instead of another company. Many also enjoyed the fact that they now have better rates and a more secure interest rate than their competitors.

On the flip side, Destiny charges a higher interest rate and a higher annual fee than their competitors. The higher interest rate is mostly due to them having a single checking account, whereas their competitors all offer several different credit cards with a security deposit to protect you in the event that you fall behind on your payments and do not make your monthly payments on time. They also require a larger security deposit than other major banks. These factors might turn some people off of the program but many others might find it to be a great option for them.

Consumers can apply for a Destiny card online or by phone. If you are applying online, make sure you apply early so that you can start building your credit score before the deadline. If you apply by phone, it is important that you have all of your information handy including your current employer, your birth date, social security number, name, address, telephone number and employment. Many people might assume that applying with a bad credit history will prevent them from being accepted for a destiny Mastercard, but it does not. In fact, many banks will approve consumers for these cards despite their past history with credit.

There are many benefits to be found with this debit card services. Destiny card services can be used for travel, to buy merchandise, and even for car insurance. This debit card is issued in the United States and it allows consumers to make purchases online through a secured site. You have to have a good credit score to be approved for this type of account, but if you are able to maintain a high one then you can be sure to have great luck with your purchases.

Destiny Mastercard Credit Card Review – destiny mastercard reviews | destiny mastercard reviews

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