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The 3 Reasons Tourists Love Wells Fargo Amex Card | wells fargo amex card

The most frequent reason that folks apply for a Wells Fargo loan is to improve their credit history. An Amex card actually works very well for this purpose. This is largely because they're among the more widely accepted credit cards, and several of the largest name banks offer them as well. These days, even gas stations use them, so you can see why so many folks are interested in getting one.

When you compare these two credit cards from Wells Fargo, you immediately see a huge difference in features and benefits. Amex has a lower fixed rate of interest as well as an introductory low 30-day period. This means that the customer service and perks associated with both cards are remarkably similar. However, there are some key differences worth noting that should be taken into consideration before making your decision.

Both Wells Fargo and Amex credit cards give you a cash back reward feature. This is a great incentive to use, but only if you use it. Both services are fairly comparable when it comes to offering cash rewards. In fact, the only real difference between the two is that you'll get a bigger cash back reward when using an Amex card to pay for your purchases.

This is actually an important point to take into account when you compare either the Wells Fargo or the Amex card. Both companies are essentially giving you the same incentives, just in different packaging. Amex is giving you the opportunity to save money on your purchases by offering cash back rewards, while Wells Fargo is using its credit card processing network to provide you with the opportunity to save money on your purchases. If you use both of these credit cards on a regular basis, you'll notice significant differences in your credit rating and overall spending.

Now, this brings us to our next point: Customer Service. Amex cardholders tend to report negative experiences with the company, whereas most Wells Fargo customers are generally pleased with their customer service. Amex continually scores lower than Wells Fargo in terms of customer service.

There are two possible reasons for this. First, some Wells Fargo customers are less likely to file claims due to the fact that they don't feel as comfortable with the credit card issuers as Amex does. Additionally, some people just prefer to deal with the Amex customer service department because they feel that Amex always has more products and offers for their customers. The truth is that many times the price differences between the two companies are so great that you can easily find a better deal with Amex, or vice-versa.

The bottom line? That's ultimately up to you. You can use the information here to help you decide whether or not you'd rather deal with Wells Fargo or use Amex for all of your financial needs. If you're happy with the payment structure and features of the two credit card products, then you'll probably want to stick with those. If you want to save money, though, Amex may be your best option.

Either way, you'll likely find that the savings you obtain from using a Wells Fargo account is well worth the cost. Amex offers you more benefits, including cash back rewards, at a lower interest rate. They also have a solid reputation, so you're less likely to encounter problems. And, best of all, with a good credit rating you can get that cash back reward without having to pay any additional fees.

There are a few things you can do, however, if you'd prefer to avoid dealing with Wells Fargo altogether. First, if you have a poor credit rating you might be better off avoiding the major credit cards as well. These types of accounts usually carry higher interest rates and stricter terms of service. And while there are some advantages to using these types of accounts, they just might not be worth it if your goal is to rebuild your credit rating. Use the cards you currently have and consolidate all of your payments into one low monthly payment.

Another option is to contact either the customer service desk or the card's customer service department to see how they can help you. While both of these departments are located on the same page of the website, you'll find that their customer service focus can be different. Of course, the one you visit will be easier to talk to live, as opposed to an automated email system. Still, if you're looking for good customer service from a lending institution, you should probably go ahead and apply for a Wells Fargo Amex card anyway.

And finally, to get the best deal possible on your new Wells Fargo Amex card, shop around. It seems like a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. Go to a few different banks and use different promotional codes to save money. And while you're at it, why not make sure you read about the terms and conditions of any offers you're interested in. While you won't be able to apply online, you can easily fill out a free application and then print out your official application. Once you've submitted it, you can go back and apply for any other Wells Fargo credit card you want, whether it has a zero percent introductory rate or not.

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