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Ten Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About American Express Online | american express online

You can now make reservations at over 900 AMEX hotels, restaurants and clubs all around the world directly through American Express Online. You can now enjoy exceptional customer service, convenient features and even great deals through this convenient and safe payment option. American Express Travel can offer you more for your money with its application. You can book reservations at any time, day or night, at great prices.

You can now activate your Cards with any of these methods: o Via the Amex App on your Mobile Phone – download the same app for your mobile phone and tap on the “Activate” button to go through the process. This is fast and convenient as you will not have to type in a pin number but rather just type out your card information. After successfully creating an account, you will be asked to log on to your account to verify your information such as your name and birth date.

o View Statements – You can now conveniently print out your card account statements online instead of going to the store or making reservations. You can just access the Amex App to get started. You can either print out one statement at a time or view all of them at one time. The advantage of printing out your statements online is that it saves time. You can also print statements for free at any time.

o View Statements – American Express now gives you the option to view online statements and print them out anytime. You can print out as many as you need or even print the entire page. This is especially useful if you need to print out the statement for a future business transaction. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can also share your financial information online to ensure that your business cards are always current. The option to print out paper statements and print online statement is only offered to U.S. residents.

o Connected Accounts – When you use online statements, you can link multiple credit or debit card accounts. This is beneficial when you travel and want to make charges using one card while traveling. You don't have to bring different currencies or have to carry large amounts of cash.

o Mobile App – You can also take advantage of the new American Express mobile app for Amex. The mobile app helps you stay in touch and manage all of your accounts with one application. You can check your card members' status and manage your payment history from the comfort of your own laptop. You can also enter your PIN number securely on the mobile app to pay merchants. You can see a summary of your payments and have the option to pay a bill right from the Amex app.

o Merchant Account – If you have a merchant account with American Express, you can accept all major credit and debit cards. To take advantage of this benefit, you must open an account. You must be aware that the higher your credit score, the better deal you'll get. In addition to this, you'll get special discounts on your merchant account.

o Access to the AMEX Pulse – A new feature introduced by AMEX is the AMEX Pulse. The AMEX Pulse will allow card members to enter up to five key phrases, which will determine the interest rate they will qualify for. This is a very effective way to save money on your business expenses. To learn more about the features and benefits of having an Amex card, register for an online account today. Opening an account will allow you to manage all your business finances, including making and receiving payments.

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Alle Kreditkarten American Express – american express online | american express online

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