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Seven Ways Ajay Banga Mastercard Can Improve Your Business | ajay banga mastercard

Ajay Banga is a famous dancing and music artist hailing from the state of Karnataka. He has won several national and international awards, including the Republic of India's top award – the Padma Shri, a national acknowledgement for musicians. The late Indira Gandhi used to say that her favorite musician was AJP Varma. This artist died in a car crash in 1980, just a year before Indira Gandhi became the first female President of the country. She paid tribute to AJP by making him a part of her presidential cabinet.

AJP began his dance career at age nine, when he joined the elite St. John's College in Matunga, Karnataka. AJP then joined the Tappu High School orchestra, which gave him a chance to perform besides other budding artists. After that he joined the renowned NGO School of Dance (NY), where he pursued a degree in dance. AJP first learned the tango and rumba from his father, but then he turned to more contemporary forms such as salsa and breakdancing. He has choreographed and soloed all of these and has also performed in films and commercials.

AJP's first experience on a major credit card came while performing at a wedding in Singapore in the mid-1990s. His dance teacher who was also a well-known name was none other than Singapore's very own Jayabank Masters. Jayabank was a popular face in local theater and music, and AJP found it hard to resist auditioning. It was then that AJP realised just how much potential video marketing had. He would go on to establish multiple videos with the MasterCard company including episodes of 'American Idol,' 'Dancing With The Stars,' and 'Singles' all recorded under the AJP Mastercard banner.

When AJP got the call to join the MasterCard team, he was given the task of promoting the brand in India. He found the idea of doing a reality show interesting, but one which required a lot of effort. The show, 'Ajay Banga Live,' got postponed several times before finally getting off the air. The episode, which was supposed to have been a concert special went awry when the show's host got word that DJ was not available. So the show was put on hold. AJP, though disappointed, decided to give the channel another try.

Today, AJP is the face of the channel, which promotes not only the exclusive brand of Visa and MasterCard in India, but all of their other financial services as well. The channel has launched its eighth season with the most popular one so far being a competition show, 'The Grandmasters.' The competition has seen various talents from India pitted against some of the world's best DJ's and has raised ratings for AJP.

With more Indians entering the workforce, especially IT professionals, more merchants are offering credit and debit cards. This has opened up a whole new market for AJP. They can now provide cards to their customers, which will allow them to purchase items at the point of sale. AJP is now looking towards this expanding market to increase their income.

AJP has also used their channel to create their own online show, 'Ajay Banga Live.' AJP uploaded their video to YouTube, which has so far received over thirteen million views. The channel has given subscribers a chance to experience the real show, which included AJP himself along with a team of experts and guests. The channel promises great promotions, giveaways, raffles, and much more, all directed towards the subscribers.

AJP also plans on expanding their line of products, which currently includes a card that can be added to an existing Visa or MasterCard account. They would also like to expand their line of products to include debit and credit cards. As of now, no concrete plans have been made.

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