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Seven Things To Avoid In Total Rewards Visa | total rewards visa

The benefits of owning a Total Rewards Visa card are many. Cardholders are eligible for gas rebates on purchases at over 300 service stations across the United States, which gives them an excellent opportunity to save even more money at the pump. Cardholders also get upgraded from Gold status to Total Rewards Platinum status and receive discounts at many Caesars casinos. Silver status offers cardholders special deals at casinos and hotels, and pre-sale access to choose concerts and shows. There are also special incentive programs that give cash back or other special privileges just for using the card.

A new program from credit card providers entitled “Total Rewards Visa” is designed specifically for cardholders who frequent any one of the Caesars Entertainment complexes including the Hollywood Studios, Terminus Marina, Century City, or the Las Vegas Hilton. Cardholders are rewarded with the regular Visa or MasterCard reward points that can be used to buy merchandise and services, rent cars, get hotels and airline tickets, and spend on any other purchases on the Total Rewards Visa card. Each month, cardholders can earn additional reward credits per dollar spent, up to a maximum of three hundred and fifty. No matter what the occasion is, cardholders can enjoy the added benefit of earning reward credits that can be used at any of the hotels, restaurants, and casinos.

With the Total Rewards Visa card, cardholders are granted flexibility. The program allows cardholders to manage their finances in an easy and convenient manner. Cardholders can set up direct deposit and use it to pay their bills online. Cardholders have the option to pay bills online by depositing the money in their bank accounts or even pay by credit card. This flexibility is exclusive to credit cards and is not available with any other type of auto rental financing program.

There is no annual fee associated with the total rewards program. Other credit cards with similar benefits usually have an annual fee. Visa and MasterCard are both approved at many financial institutions and cardholders can shop around to find the best interest rate and service package. Even if you have bad credit, there are some credit cards that offer zero percent introductory rates for twelve to twenty-four months and some that offer zero percent on balances transferred from other credit cards.

Cards with the total rewards Visa are also beneficial because they provide cardholders with two options. First, there are the standard platinum status cards that come with no introductory rate and are good for the balance transfer process. Second, there are the silver, gold, and copper status cards. These platinum status cards come with a low interest rate and offer cardholders additional perks such as first purchase within ninety days, priority boarding and luggage allowance, and discounts at the airport. Some of these perks include free airline tickets, free hotel stays, and dining vouchers.

How do you know if your credit score will qualify for the total rewards Visa? If your credit score is above 610, it means that you have excellent credit and you will likely receive the visa card. You will have to go online to the Visa website and apply by answering a few basic questions. After you have filled out your application and made sure that your information is accurate, your application should be approved. The approval notice should arrive in about a week and you will be able to start using your card right away.

The second benefit of the total rewards credit cards is their exclusive upgrade program. Once you receive your Visa card, you will notice that you are upgraded to the gold status or silver status. Once you reach this level, you will not be eligible for any less benefits from Visa. This includes the no-interest-spinning-balance-transfers, priority boarding, and bag limit benefits. If you want even more, you can upgrade your platinum status, which also comes with added benefits.

This means that you will be receiving even more perks for the money you spent on your Visa. If you receive platinum status, you will receive free travel insurance, a lifetime credit card grace period, and a lifetime visa exemption from the annual search. This means that in the first calendar year that you are a Visa card holder, you will not have to pay an interest rate on any purchases, including your first purchase. Furthermore, you will never have to pay a fee to be added to the global rewards credit cards member's list. This is a great way to get your spending under control.

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