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Seven Common Misconceptions About Big Lots Credit Card | big lots credit card

Your Big Lots Credit Card acceptance odds are generally good if you have at least a641+ credit rating; that means you should at least have a fair, decent credit for this particular credit card. However, so, it's still advisable to check up on your credit rating before applying for this credit card from Big Lots. This credit card offers rewards and cash back on many of their purchases. This is a great credit card to have, especially if you travel often. Even if this particular card has a high approval rating, there are some other factors you must consider.

Many people feel that with the low APR, they are getting away with not paying much interest payments. This may be true for some, but keep in mind the interest charged just for opening your account; if you do not pay your balance off each month, you could find yourself paying large amounts of interest for very little usage. This can take a toll on your credit score, especially if you have not paid your balance in full each month. Because you are getting a credit card with a higher APR, you must also consider if the annual fee is worth it.

For many people, checking up on their credit scores gives them peace of mind. But some may not realize that the credit bureaus are the ones who pull your credit reports and determine if you qualify for this or not. These credit bureaus pull your credit reports from all three agencies. The three major credit bureaus are Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

The best way to ensure that the big lots credit card will not adversely affect your credit rating is to obtain your credit reports from all three credit bureaus. You may obtain your reports by contacting each of the three credit bureaus by phone, internet, or in person. When you contact the credit bureaus by telephone, they may ask you for your social security number so they may check the information contained on your report. Internet and in person credit bureaus usually require that you mail or fax your report to them.

Some people choose to receive the big lots credit card as a reward for being a loyal customer. You will have to provide adequate proof of residence to the credit card company. Rewards come in the form of cash back, gift certificates, and gas and airline miles. As you see, the rewards offered by these credit cards depend upon how much you use the credit card and how often you apply for them. If you don't pay your bill off each month, the company will not issue you any rewards.

Another option is the promo plan balance transfer, also known as the zero-rate introductory offer. You can find many zero rate introductory offers online. In this case, you will be charged an introductory rate of up to twelve months on any purchases you make, but will have to pay interest during that time on your balance. This is where the big lots credit card differs from other no fee cards.

After the introductory period is up, your interest rates will return to normal levels and you will be required to pay full interest on your balance every month. However, your big lots credit card will still have no annual fee, which means that you will save money each month on interest payments. This is because you will only be required to pay off your balance for the promotional period, not on an ongoing basis. During the promotional period, you will also have the option to pay your balance in full each month, which will save you even more money each month.

One of the best features of a no fee credit card is its no annual fee feature. Some companies will offer a year long zero interest charge, but it is highly likely that the majority of the big lots credit card will offer a year long zero interest charge, but only on the promotional period. If you are going to look into getting one, make sure that the company offers no annual fee along with all the above mentioned features. These cards are ideal for customers who don't need to use their credit cards very often, but want to build a strong credit history.

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