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Here’s What Industry Insiders Say About Disney Visa | disney visa

There are many reasons why people choose a Disney Visa or a Disney MasterCard over the competing brand. Disney Visa and a Disney Visa Card offer many benefits, such as the ability to earn points and redeem those points for cash or merchandise discounts. Both companies also offer two Disney-themed credit cards which enable cardholders to purchase tickets to popular Disney Theme Parks with actual points. The Disney Premier Visa Card and the Disney Visa Card both provide Disney Rewards Dollars upon cardholder purchases, which can then be redeemed for hotel stays at one of the many participating resorts found at Disney World, Disney MGM Studios, or the Disney-MGM Studios.

Some additional aspects of a Disney Visa Card include a free park hopper's pass. In some cases, you may have an option to upgrade to an All-Inclusive Resort. If you select this option, you'll typically be required to pay an extra resort fee. However, in some cases, you'll be able to find additional resort perks, such as free access to a special dinner show during the day, or complimentary access to meet and greet guests at their accommodation desks.

As an added feature, some cards feature dining options. When you become a cardholder, you're allowed to make dining arrangements for yourself or for any family member who may visit you while you're on vacation. You may be able to choose specific restaurants from a list of available restaurants, or you may be able to select purchases from a pre-determined list of items for your meal each day. Depending on your resort privileges, you may be restricted in terms of the types of dining options you have access to.

Certain locations inside the Magic Kingdom may limit the types of food you may purchase from select dining locations while on your vacation. If you become a cardmember, you should take a look over the meal plan. This is especially true in the case of dining plans offered through the Magical Kingdom Fast Food restaurant. This restaurant chain restricts the types of food that you can buy from select dining locations while you are a cardmember. In most cases, you will need to pay additional cost for any additional food that you wish to bring with you on your Disney World vacation.

A few of the special discounts offered to cardholders include discounts on merchandise, dining plans, travel packages, and dining options. Depending on the participating resorts in the Magic Kingdom, there are also additional perks available for cardholders. For example, when you become a cardholder at the Epcot International Food & Wine Festival, you automatically receive ten percent off select purchases at any one of the participating resorts. You can also increase that discount to fifty percent by purchasing a meet and greet ticket from the Walt Disney Visa promotional site. There are other exceptional benefits associated with being a cardholder at one of the participating resorts.

Many cardholders find that being a cardholder at a participating hotel, they are able to earn points towards free admission to Walt Disney! By spending one night at a participating resort, you are allowed to use a certain symbol that indicates the kind of night you spent. Some of these symbols include a star or a check mark, but you do not have to acquire these particular items in order to earn rewards. When you spend a certain amount over a period of time at a participating hotel, you automatically earn a free night at the happiest place on Earth, plus a fifty statement credit card.

In addition to earning free admission to the Magic Kingdom, you can also earn fifty statement credit cards and free upgraded airfare when you use your Magical Kingdom Fast Food Restaurant credit card to purchase one to two single-meal meals and select beverages during your stay at the park. You can choose from various entrees, including favorites like burgers, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, shakes, pasta, and many more. If you purchase a meal for a young child, you will be able to get a special meal that is part of a magical four-minute fireworks display. There is even a meal option for the environmentally-concerned guest, who can select from organic dinner entrees. For adults, you can enjoy a healthy dinner that has vegetable lasagna, a black bean soup with a touch of local, seasonal ingredients, or a gluten-free pasta dish.

Disney World offers a lot to its guests, but some of the most exciting offerings are its theme park perks. Through the Disney Visa card, you can bring your family to Orlando and start earning valuable points toward getting free admission into the Magic Kingdom, as well as additional benefits. You can spend dollars on dining plans at the four Disney resorts or purchase amusement park passes for your entire family. With the Visa card, you can bring your whole family on vacation without worrying about cash shortages or damaging your credit

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