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Five Ugly Truth About Zales Credit Card | zales credit card

If you are looking for a credit card that gives you many options and offers rewards that you can really count on then you might want to consider a Zales Credit Card. With the right cards, perks and benefits, you can enjoy your travel, your everyday items, and even the finer things in life all without the worry of debt hanging over your head. What can you get out of having a credit card? Here is a look at the perks and benefits that come along with the Zales Credit Card:

Free shipping. You will save money on the cost of any purchase you make when you use your credit card and you also get free standard shipping whenever you make a purchase over a certain amount. There are no additional charges for this service. In addition, there are also no redemption fees, interest fees, or maintenance fees.

Earn rewards. You can earn rewards that you can redeem for merchandise, services or even cash back on the purchases you make. If you use your Zales Credit Card in conjunction with other credit cards, it can help you earn rewards points that you can use towards a lower interest rate. When you have a higher credit limit on your Zales Credit Card, the more benefits you can earn each year. There are also promotional incentives associated with the higher credit limit that you earn.

No annual fee. The issuers of these credit cards are well aware that their clients are often faced with paying a large amount of annual fee just for having a credit card. With issuers like Zales, you will enjoy one low, simple and affordable annual fee.

No annual fee but offers better rewards. Most credit cards today have an annual fee attached to them, whether they are for a low, medium or high limit credit card. With Zales, the annual fee is waived altogether. This means that you can enjoy even greater rewards from your credit card when you apply for this card, but no annual fee to boot!

Other perks. Zales cards come with a host of other perks, some good and some not so good. For example, if you have other credit cards with a zero percent APR term (which suggests you will earn good rates), you can transfer your balances to this one and save even more. You can also enjoy higher credit limits, as well as cash rebates on the purchases you make.

Other benefits. For cardholders who wish to earn rewards points for every dollar they charge onto their card, you can do so by enrolling in special financing plans offered by Zales. These promotional plans earn you a flat percentage of every dollar you charge (this can either be in dollars or in points), so if you use Zales to pay for your groceries each month, you will be earning a good number of bonus points. You can then turn around and use those points towards a new purchase, giving you yet another way to earn rewards.

Is this card right for you? It depends on whether or not you are someone who regularly uses a credit card to purchase all sorts of things, or if you simply just need a small card to help you make everyday purchases. If you are the former, consider a Zales Platinum Card since it has a higher credit limit, better incentives, and a longer APR period (six months instead of just three). On the other hand, if you are the latter, consider other card options such as a Discover More card, which has a lower APR period (three months instead of six).

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