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Five Things You Need To Know About American Express Platinum Today | american express platinum

American Express platinum credit cards are unique credit cards issued by AMEX. Both choices are credit cards that mean the cardholder does not get charged interest on their purchases but has to pay the entire balance when they get the statement from the bank. The American Express Platinum card is an exclusive, high-end credit card that's only accessible on an invite-only basis to those who qualify. It's good for business people and corporate clients that need a credit card with unparalleled customer service and extraordinary benefits. Businesses need an American Express Platinum card to help them achieve their business goals by providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

Many consumers are unaware of the benefits of American Express offers its Platinum cardholders. One of the best things about the card is the no annual fee, which means the card holder will not have to pay any annual fees during the first year they have the card. This also means that the cardholder will not have to pay any late payment fees. There are some perks included in the American Express platinum card. Some of these benefits include:

Travel Credit Cards earns one percent cash back on all purchases you make. The amount earned per cent is based on the dollar amount you charge and can reach up to five hundred dollars per year. You also earn one percent on your cash advances. If you do not have enough funds in your account to earn these rewards, the company will transfer your cash to your statement credit.

Business Cash Advance Credit Cards can help you manage your budget better. If you choose the most efficient banking services, you will be able to earn a lot of rewards within a short period of time. You can choose between direct and electronic transfers. The most important benefit offered by American Express Platinum Card is its ability to provide you with business credits. These credits are useful for your cash needs such as invoices, loans, and other payments. You can use the business credits to pay for these expenses whenever you feel like making a purchase.

Rewards and Benefits offered by American Express Platinum Card include the benefits mentioned above. Aside from these benefits, the company offers other benefits such as: discount on hotels and airline tickets, insurance discounts, free or discounted car rentals and even roadside assistance services. In fact, the customer service provided by AMEX is excellent. The company has trained over three hundred customer care representatives who are willing to provide you assistance when you need it. These representatives also help you manage your finances better since they have information about available discounts and offers.

The biggest perks offered by the amex platinum card offers are the generous travel credits. These rewards are equivalent to thousands of dollars of cash back every year. The higher your credit limit, the more travel credits you can acquire. For example, if you have a limit of five hundred thousand dollars, then you would be able to receive three thousand dollars back after you made purchases using the card.

American Express Platinum Cards came with a variety of plans that you can choose from. For example, the business travel rewards plan provides you two choices- one that comes with no annual fee and the other one that come with an annual fee. Each of these plans allows you to earn a twenty-five dollar bonus once you make the minimum purchase of merchandise. The other benefits that come with this platinum card are five percent membership points for restaurants, five percent membership points for gasoline and hotels, ten percent membership points for hotels and airlines, and fifteen percent membership points for automobile rentals. With these benefits, you would be able to save up to fifteen percent in the first year of owning your card.

The perks that American Express Platinum has to offer also come with perks such as flight insurance for clients who book tickets on the airline's website. Other benefits include the precheck credit card, which allows you to make online purchases and have the items shipped directly to your home. You also get a special preapproved credit line for international travelers and are qualified for five percent off purchases at the grocery store, the department store, drugstore, and gas station. Also, if you have five percent membership points with American Express Platinum, then you get ten percent off everything that you buy. This allows you to save up to sixty dollars per year, depending on how many percent points you have.

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