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Five Things Nobody Told You About Citi Commercial Cards | citi commercial cards

CITI Commercial Cards is a cost effective solution to a company's requirements for purchases in foreign countries. CITI cards are accepted at over 200 locations worldwide and offer the convenience of giving employees, agents and customers the ability to shop online anytime they want while still having access to their card information. CITI also works closely with major retailers to provide merchants with the tools and resources to increase sales and profits.

CITI commercial cards users will have the ability to incorporate their cards to the Corporate Spending Solutions program through the participation of the company that issues the card. By participating in the program, business owners can receive up to 50 percent off retail prices on selected purchases. Merchants can also benefit by reducing overhead and service costs while increasing sales by implementing easy payment processing methods that require only a touch-tone phone call to process the payment. Merchants will also enjoy a variety of benefits including automatic payments, free checks, multi-lingual support, rewards programs, reduced interest rates and additional cardholder benefits. There are even rewards programs that will give business owners points and bonuses when members use their cards at select retailers.

Through the CITI global network, global business owners will have access to a trusted and strong partner that will work with them every step of the way in order to fully understand their unique business needs and wants. CITI commercial cards will allow businesses to receive the same high standards of customer service available from any card processing service while expanding their global reach. In order to join the CITI network, business owners must apply for a card and prove that they meet all the criteria required by CITI. Once accepted, business owners will be able to access the global network of financial professionals and merchants who will provide the tools needed to process payments in real time around the clock.

One of the first things a CITI card user will experience is the ability to accept payments from anywhere in the world. By accessing CITI's global payment processing network, a business owner will no longer be limited to accepting payments through only specific countries or payment processors. CITI will now work with their clients to process payments in whatever currency their clients wish to pay using. The company is also striving hard to improve their core service and continue to develop new and innovative tools to increase productivity, customer service and profitability. To accomplish these goals, CITI is teaming up with other innovative financial institutions and companies that will help provide their clients with the best options available on the market. CITI and its partners have signed agreements to collectively increase productivity, client service and profitability by helping their clients improve and grow their business.

Another goal that CITI and our partners have achieved is that we are now working closely with state economic development agencies to help those states first. Most state economic development agencies have a difficult time increasing the amount of money that their economies get in exchange for taxes. Instead of asking individuals to pay an income tax when they make purchases or take out loans, these agencies prefer to see those purchases and loans result in state monies which will increase the state's coffers and therefore their tax base. CITI has worked very closely with state agencies in order to ensure that our application criteria will match the highest standards of acceptance by these agencies.

CITI is also working closely with selected European suppliers in order to expand our offerings into new European markets. In addition to expanding the number of countries that we can service, we are also able to select European suppliers that will provide more flexible terms when it comes to funding the purchase and maintenance of the processing equipment necessary to process payments for our clients in those countries. In the past, most European processing equipment suppliers have required one year of payments as a minimum deposit before processing any European credit card transactions. As you may well know, many European countries require at least that much collateral in order to process credit card transactions.

Some of the suppliers that we work with have been in business for over five decades. They have developed relationships with some of the world's largest companies, which means that they can readily provide CITI commercial card programs to their valued clients. In addition to providing CITI card programs to world-class companies, they are able to offer CITI card programs to companies that do not normally have card programs. For example, many small companies that do not have a card processing department may be better served by working with a supplier of software and other payment solutions that offers them the ability to accept electronic payments via the Internet. For example, many software and ISP companies that provide internet services also provide merchant services.

The second area in which CITI is expanding is in the area of accepting electronic payments for business purchases online. CITI's virtual cards solutions are now accepted at a variety of establishments including groceries, gas stations, drug stores, video game stores, supermarkets, airports, hotels, convenience stores, restaurants, and virtually every retail outlet that accept credit cards. In addition to these locations, CITI is also working with companies and institutions that do not traditionally have merchant services or include them among their services. For example, many hospitals, colleges, schools, and other educational institutions have no merchant services and do not accept electronic payments. Since CITI already serves these types of non-traditional merchants, these customers have no choice but to use the services of CITI, and in most cases, this works out well for the business that accepts CITI virtual cards solutions.

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