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Five Quick Tips Regarding Citi Cards | citi cards

One great benefit available on all Citi credit cards is the Citi Flex Plan. This plan allows you to borrow against your credit card at the current interest rates on your card instead of needing to take out a cash advance or a new balance transfer. Another big reason to select a Citi card for your needs is because of the many valuable co-branded partner benefits. These will assist you in building your credit by:

Credit Card Pre-Certification: Many CITI credit cards also offer an annual fee that will be added onto your balance each year. This annual fee is just one of the many perks you can enjoy once you are a CITI customer. Many cards offer other types of perks and benefits. For example some offer airline miles, rebates, reduced interest rates on new credit purchases, and others will give you the satisfaction of having paid off an annual fee. So be sure to determine if it is worth your while to pay the annual fee, especially if you don't travel that much.

Dual Action Protection Plan: Many CITI cards come with an annual fee but this can be offset when you choose dual action protection. Dual action protection pays your balance and interests even if you don't pay your bill in full each month. It also pays your foreign transaction fee, which is another CITI credit card perk. Some cards will also offer other benefits like a lower credit limit for those who maintain a good score.

EFT Protection Plan: A few CITI cards come standard with an automatic transfer fee. With these cards, cardholders are charged an EFT fee each month in addition to their regular card fees. While it is great if you travel and rarely use your card, these fees can really start to add up. If possible, the better cards offer an EFT protection plan that will reimburse you the full amount if you fail to pay your bill on time. The best cards will offer no EFT fees at all and instead credit you for paying the balance in full each month.

Pre-qualification for the Best Credit Card Offer: All CITI credit cards offer some type of pre-qualification program. You must have a decent credit score to qualify. This makes purchasing on the card very easy. Once you qualify, the CITI will then present you with cards to review. See if they match your spending habits and credit score. If you find cards that fit your needs, it is best to apply right away.

Balance Transfer Fees: All CITI cards have a balance transfer fee and most have a minimum monthly payment as well. These are typical fees that will only rise over four months. Be sure to compare cards that offer a zero percent introductory interest rate to balance transfers. The longer the zero percent interest rate, the less you will be required to pay in the long run.

Approval Odds: CITI cards are advertised as having favorable approval odds. They do have lower approval rates than many other credit cards. This is due to the fact that they are backed by a credit card company that does not have the financial burden of issuing millions of cards each year. Each individual credit card offer has their own approval odds and it is best to read all of them before applying. The approval odds for the pre-qualification process may change once the application is submitted.

If you need a credit card for emergency purposes, it is best to get approved as soon as possible. The best credit cards are those that are best suited for the consumers' score. If you have good credit, it is easy to get approved for a secured card since the deposit required to make the initial purchase is quite small compared to other offers. If you have bad credit, it can take a while to find the right card and you may have to go through an extensive application process before being approved.

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