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The days of the simple plastic credit card are coming to an end, as more retailers are introducing customised gift cards and vouchers that can be used in stores. These cards have been used successfully by retailers across the world, from high-street chains to small independent shops, and they're proving to be increasingly popular with customers too. If you're wondering what's so great about these types of cards, well, they're unique, they're attractive, they're eye-catching and they're practically impossible to resists. Not only that, but they're great for branding and marketing purposes too, and Crate and Barrel are just the perfect business partner for anyone who wants to get involved in this exciting sector.

So, how does a crate and barrel credit card work? It's simple – quite simply, really. Basically, once you've collected your goods into a secure crate or barrel, you can then arrange to pay for them over the internet using any one of the many reputable online cash advances. Your crate or barrel then acts as the'Merchants Account where the money for your purchases will be deposited – by direct debit from your bank account. You can then use this money towards any of the many goods you wish, from new stocks to gifts for friends, and whatever else you want.

In addition to earning dollars and cents off of every sale you make, you also have the opportunity to earn extra by inviting friends and family onto the special financing program. How? Simply by applying for a joint account between your crate and barrel (that's right, a partnership). You'll earn dollars and cents off of everyone who applies, and you'll get double the value of your deposit if you have multiple members in your account. You can also earn more if you apply for a special financing package, which can include an introductory rate, higher interest rates, or other attractive features.

Many of the deals available on the special financing purchases depend upon the type of purchases you make. For example, if you make cash advances only, you won't earn any interest, but you will earn dollars for the purchases you make – so if you're making a steady stream of purchases with your barrel, those purchases will likely earn you more than if you were to make no purchases at all. Also, you may be able to combine the special financing purchases you make with your barrel onto a single account, earning both dollars and cents off of each one. The bottom line is that by making purchases with your barrel, you'll be able to save a lot of money!

What is the membership fee? The membership fee is nominal compared to the amount of money you will save on interest payments over the life of the agreement, but the membership fee can add up fast. At times, the crate and barrel Mastercard company charge a flat monthly fee, but there are also annual fees and other costs. The exact details of the fees will vary, so you'll want to shop around to see which package best suits your needs.

What are the advantages and disadvantages? One of the advantages is that these credit cards generally have low APRs. APRs for the standard credit cards might be around three or four percent, while the rates on these crates are almost non-existent. With these low APRs, it's possible to pay off the crate in half the time it would take you to pay the same amount in a normal credit card.

Another advantage is the zero percent intro APR that many of these cards offer. Even if the interest begins to creep up after that, the zero percent APR makes them appealing. As with most introductory offers, you will likely have to wait at least a year before the full interest rate kicks in. You can cut that timeframe by paying off the crate early, but that may not be possible. With the low APRs, however, it is definitely a better option than being charged a high interest rate after a period of time has passed.

How do I get the crate and barrel credit card? Once you sign up for the card, make sure you read all of the fine print. Make sure you understand how to earn rewards dollars with the credit card, as well as the terms of the zero percent intro APR. You need to pay attention to every last bit of information. If you don't, you could end up regretting it later.

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