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4 Things Nobody Told You About Lost My Wells Fargo Card | lost my wells fargo card

Recently I received a notice on my mail box from Lost My Wells Fargo credit restoration. It's pretty clear that they have been trying to contact me by phone as well as mail. When I called them, they said that they were having me file a dispute on a credit card that I had maxed out several times. This is something that they do not do because they know I can easily get my money back.

They sent me a letter telling me that their dispute process was being delayed, but I did not see anything wrong with it at first. Then I went online to find out why it was being delayed. To my amazement, the company claimed that they would only consider accepting the dispute if I provided them with my social security number. The only thing that I knew was my social security number is a ten digit number. I also did not know that this was simply because of an error on my application.

I immediately called the company and spoke to a man by the name of Gene. I asked him why it was being denied and he told me that it was because the mistake that was made on my application was found by an internal personnel review. This all made no sense to me because the only reason I would have had to use this card in the first place is because I live in Florida.

After about twenty minutes, I called the Wells Fargo Customer Service Department again to report the issue. I explained what had happened and was instructed to call them back within thirty minutes. I tried to explain what had happened, but the customer service representative did not want to help me at all. I then asked for a supervisor and was promptly put on hold for about five minutes before a supervisor came on the line. I asked him why the supervisor was being late, he told me that they didn't keep track of who was getting paid by the hour and he didn't know.

After about twenty minutes, the supervisor called me back and told me that I qualified for an account with the company. I asked why and he told me that he couldn't give me a straight answer due to one thing-the company kept records of everything on computers. I was able to get the money back after paying for a new credit card. Although I wasn't approved for a refund of my application fees, I was very happy that the credit repair company helped me get my money back.

I later learned from another person that the company did use a database to keep track of credit accounts but they didn't keep it updated like the credit bureaus. They are also very good at getting people their money back, but I still wonder how they could get my refund when they found something on my credit report that I didn't know about. I know that the credit repair company is legitimate, but I wouldn't recommend using them if you need your money back quickly.

A friend of mine told me that he tried to get his refund from the company as well, but he was unsuccessful. He said that the customer service agent was rude and treated him like he was no longer a client. He ended up giving the company his check in exchange for an explanation of their fee structure. I can understand a company wanting to maximize their profits, but not in this situation. If they are getting their profit over the fee you are paying, is this really in the best interest of the consumer? I know that there are credit card companies that legitimately try to help you out, but when it comes to the consumer, you deserve better.

Next, check if your refund was obtained because of identity theft. If it was, you may want to consider using a credit repair service to handle things from here on out. You may have been fooled by a company that seemed to be helping you but in the end, you got hit with a bigger surprise than you thought possible.

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