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4 Reasons Why People Love American Express Centurion | american express centurion

The American Express Centurion card, also called simply the Amex Black Card, comes as an invite-only credit card issued by American Express. After meeting certain criteria, an invite is extended to Centurion cardholders. The Centurion card comes in three different variations: business, personal, and corporate. Each of these credit cards has their own set of features that are offered in exchange for the one-time fee.

American Express Centurion offers several benefits to its cardholders. One such reward program is the Gold Elite Status. This offer provides Centurion cardholders with a premium credit card which essentially gives them special benefits and perks. To get started, you can earn one cent off every purchase that you make. Business Centurion cardholders will receive ten percent off their purchases in Platinum or Business if they buy gas at the pumps located at the American Express offices. For corporate Centurion cardholders, they will be rewarded with bonuses points.

Aside from the rewards and special benefits offered, American Express Centurion cardholders will also have access to special incentives that come along with their cards. The special incentives that Centurion cardholders will receive will primarily depend on their Net Worth. Net Worth is a financial measurement that is calculated using several different factors. These factors include the credit history of the card members and how much the card balance is. The Net Worth score is then used to gauge whether or not a cardholder is capable of paying his or her bills on time and if the card has enough money to cover expenses.

The three factors that are included in the Net Worth calculations are the amount of money spent each month, the average bill amount and the average interest rate. When the Net Worth calculation is done, Centurion cardholders will see whether or not they are capable of paying their monthly bills on time. If the cardholder's Net Worth is below a certain amount, then that means that he or she may have problems paying his or her bills per year or every quarter. The Centurion black card is meant for people who are considered low-income earners.

If you are planning to get an American Express Centurion card, then you need to know that you will only be given one in either the Silver or Gold card limits. The New York metro card allows cardholders to get five free entries into popular attractions like the Statue of Liberty, the Broadway theaters and the Times Square. On top of that, the new York attractions cards can give cardholders discounts when they eat at restaurants located at the Empire State Building, Battery Park and Coney Island. Many cardholders have reported that these perks make getting an American Express Centurion card even more worthwhile.

Although it seems great, there are some negatives of the Centurion card. One of the biggest negatives is that cardholders will only be allowed to get one cent off their base rate. They will also be charged an additional one-time joining fee whenever they apply for a new card. Aside from these fees, cardholders will also be charged interest rates depending on the time of year and the rate that their credit is determined by. This means that cardholders will be paying higher interest rates if they make purchases during the holiday season or when interest rates are at their lowest.

There is also one major drawback when it comes to American Express Centurion cards. The one big disadvantage is that cardholders have to pay an annual fee of $99. This annual fee can accumulate to quite a hefty sum, especially if you happen to make a huge purchase during your card's grace period. The annual fee that comes with the Centurion card is actually more than what you would be paying if you have a Platinum card. For this reason, Centurion platinum cardholders who have spent most of their spend inside the grace period have been reported to have spent a lot more in their shopping spree than those who do not have the Centurion card.

Overall, American Express Centurion cards are great cashback and membership reward programs. They allow cardholders to enjoy benefits like cash rebates, free hotel stays, free flights and much more. If you are planning to get an express Centurion card, then you should try to take a look at the following benefits that the Platinum card offers:

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