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4 Quick Tips Regarding Airbnb Credit Card | airbnb credit card

So if American Express & AirBnB released a joint cobranded airfare credit card, would you sign up? They would add some great features/services to it to make it more popular: Higher than usual earning rate on AirBnB sales (can also come with other bonus categories such as travel-related categories which would be great for destinations where you are familiar with most?). More credit limit. And of course added billing cycle (so you pay on your air miles instead of on a fixed rate for most cards). However, this joint venture between AMEX & AirBnB is just a small step for a larger expansion of the market and partnerships in the future.

Let me explain. AirBnB is well known as one of the best credit card providers around. Their business model is simple: they offer a great value service, rewards program, and cash back to their cardholders. AMEX on the other hand, is more of an airline industry leader. Their aim is to gain more market share by partnering with the best credit card companies in the world while competing fiercely against the competition.

Now that AMEX & AirBnB are teaming up, the first thing they will do is promote their cards and give them out at more trade shows and presentations. They will give away some air mile bonuses and other free stuff. These promotional events will get more people to try out the cards and hopefully, decide to stay with them long term. This will increase the number of people that have AirBnB credit cards. If the number of cards increase, the number of customers for AirBnB increases as well, and so does the earning rate for their cardholders.

If you do not have a credit card yet, I would highly recommend that you look into either United miles or Air Miles. These gift cards are earning lots of people a lot of extra money. In fact, if you already have a credit card, consider transferring your balance to a new card that offers a higher earning rate like Air Miles or United miles. This will increase your cash back or reward bonus and lower your monthly payment.

Now, the second thing that AMEX and Rakuten are going to do is promote their card together. There are already over 60 stores that offer great services for travelers around the world. They will team up with Rakuten to offer even more value. The partnership is such a perfect match for both companies that most people will be able to do absolutely nothing else but click “buy” or “reserve.”

Now, you may wonder how these two companies can work together. Well, it will be interesting to watch this entire thing play out in the months and years to come. Both companies have very flexible redemption options and they encourage members to use them. Air Netflix and Rakuten's joint venture are a very unique concept because it will allow consumers to redeem their points per dollar spent, regardless of the purchase. It's truly going to be an exciting development and I am sure that this will open up many new doors for consumers.

Another unique aspect to this credit card is that it will allow you to earn points for dining and travel experiences. You can earn up to 10 percent in points per dollar when you make eligible dining and travel purchases. This offers consumers another incentive to use their cards and take advantage of their incredible deals. As we all know, Airline rewards cards are getting harder to find. With Air Netflix and Rakuten's partnership, it appears that the difficulty level of finding a good deal on airfare will be significantly decreased.

It is great to know that you have a flexible rewards program. Whether you travel every year or only occasionally, I'm sure that you are constantly looking for ways to maximize your use of your cards. You will be able to earn rewards points that you can redeem for airline tickets, hotel stays, and many other types of merchandise. With Air Netflix and Rakuten join forces, you will be able to have access to some amazing deals and I can't wait to see what they will do next!

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