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3 Ways Americanexpress Can Improve Your Business | americanexpress

American Express credit cards are issued by the AMEX corporation. They come in different forms and offer different rewards and features. You can find AMEX cards from banks, insurance companies, gas stations, movie theaters, resorts, department stores, etc. When you apply for an American Express card, the company will ask you to list your earnings. This is to determine if you qualify for rewards or if you need to pay a membership fee.

If you have other credit cards, they might be accepted but not the rewards offered by AMEX. So, some people might think that joining AMEX is very difficult to do. But with American Express, you can have instant approvals and you can have your application approved in minutes! This is because you get instant approvals through American Express Gift Cards or Gold Reward Cards.

When you are a member, you earn points or membership credits that you can redeem. You earn one point for every dollar you use points for when you shop at home, at a restaurant, or on the Internet. You earn two points for shopping in the AMEX club store and five for shopping at a participating store. AMEX offers four different membership levels: Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Diamond.

One of the great things about having the Platinum card is that you can pay a minimal annual fee. But unlike other cards, you have more benefits. Aside from having a lower interest rate, the annual fee is waived for five years. And with the automatic renewal feature, you never have to worry about your membership points going down.

American Express has another kind of card called Gold Reward cards. They work like Gold Reward cards but instead of earning points, you earn money back. The best part is, once you have earned a certain amount of money from your purchases, you can redeem them. Each time you redeem, you earn one point. So, if you shop at the participating retailers and use your points, you can easily earn twenty-five to thirty percent off your merchandise purchase.

Members are able to have discounts up to two percent through American Express' membership portal. Merchants are not required to enroll so they don't have to pay any membership fees. They don't have to dole out reward points either. Merchants just have to display their membership card when you make a purchase. Merchants still earn their standard discount for every sale that they bring to their members.

Once you have earned your card, you will be enjoying the benefits immediately. First, you will receive a notice in the mail with all of the information that you need to begin using your credit card. Then you just log into your account and you can go online and access your new card. You will have immediate access to your statements, rewards, and more. It's an easy process, so there's no reason to wait.

If you join American Express now, you'll never have to wait to enjoy rewards points or save money on interest again. You can now complete your shopping at any participating merchant, earn rewards points just by shopping, and redeem those rewards for cash or other purchases when you're finished. American Express is committed to giving its members the best rewards possible. Now you can even save more because you can quickly and easily confirm card information online.

Members have access to thousands of merchants so you can buy the things that you love. The membership points that you earn and use can be used towards making even more money. For example, if you have five hundred membership points you can use them to get a free DVD or Blu-Ray, or you could redeem them for a one hundred dollar statement credits. Or if you're a loyal American Express customer you can use your points for dining at a participating restaurant or hotel. You also get statement credits for just spending money at the American Express Centers, including both in-store and online.

Members also have access to a great rewards program called American Express Travel Portal. The American Express Travel Portal gives you the opportunity to earn membership points, earn a gift card, or purchase any airline tickets through American Express. With this opportunity to earn points and rewards, you can buy a plane ticket today and use your points towards future discounts or a free flight when you use American Express Travel Portal. Another great perk American Express offers its members is the opportunity to build up their credit. Each time they make a purchase using their card, they are given a free point that they can use towards a future purchase.

For members who travel a lot, or those who travel often, they can take advantage of the loyalty incentives offered by American Express Travel Portal. This is a great way to save money on airline tickets. The long list of stores that American Express has and the many benefits they offer its members will surely impress any frequent traveler. This opportunity to save even more money along with the ability to earn and redeem points for merchandise and airline tickets makes American Express one of the best cards out there. If you need a card that will allow you to save as well as earn rewards, then you definitely need an all round American Express credit card.

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