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3 Shocking Facts About Credit Builder Card | credit builder card

A credit builder card is designed to help people who have been denied credit or need to build a solid credit history from scratch. Credit builders are useful if you've recently been denied credit for a variety of reasons, such as: Your employment or income status isn't so good enough to get that credit you need. Your credit score is low. Or perhaps you don't have enough credit to make it to the application approval stage. If you meet these criteria, you may be able to qualify for a credit builder card.

There are advantages and disadvantages associated with credit builder cards. One of the advantages is that they can be extremely helpful when you need extra credit, but you need to wait until you're rebuilding your credit report. Here are some of the pros and cons of this type of credit card. Compare them to other types and find the right one for you:

Pros You can use this card just as you would any other credit builder card. Build your good credit score and then use the built-in spending limits to boost your credit score as much as possible before applying for a new line of credit. Once you do that, you're ready to apply for a new credit line with a lower interest rate.

Cons The best feature of all about credit builder cards is that they work as little as a dollar a week. That means that you don't have to pay a huge amount of interest every month. If you can qualify for an annual credit limit, you can use this type of card to pay off your high-interest debts every month. You don't have to pay a cent more in interest than you would on a credit line you've paid off in the past.

But there's a downside to having a low credit score. You won't qualify for very many things. The credit-builder cards are only designed to give you extra credit to build your good credit score. And that's it. If you don't keep up those payments, or if you don't pay at all, you'll be back where you started – late with more interest rates and even worse credit score.

This isn't a problem for most people, but if you have a lot of late payments or lots of debt, it can be very difficult to rebuild your credit score. A credit builder card might be the answer for you if you have bad credit but don't need the extra credit to improve your credit score. The money you can spend on building your good credit score is entirely up to you. But you do need to know what kind of impact your new credit limit will have on your credit history.

That's one of the great things about credit cards: They're not perfect. They are tools to help you reestablish your credit or rebuild it when you've hit a rough patch. The best credit builder cards give you one easy payment to make each month, which is usually much smaller than your normal budget. This helps you build your good credit rating over time. Build your good credit rating, then pay off your card in full every month.

Do you have a lot of debt, but a low credit score? Credit cards for people with low credit scores are often a great way to find your feet again. Even if you don't have debt, a credit builder card can be a great thing. Just be sure you use it wisely. Make your payments on time, and keep your credit limit as low as you can. By doing so, you'll quickly see improvements in your credit score.

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