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3 Shocking Facts About At Home Credit Card | at home credit card

With the advent of the world wide web, the concept of shopping with comfort has become a common phenomenon. The ease of using the Internet and making payments via it has given birth to various options for making purchases at home. At Home Credit Cards are one such option for buying products or services that you can buy online. These cards are issued by the Credit card companies like MasterCard, Visa, Discovery, and American Express.

The main advantage of an at home credit card is that they can be used anywhere credit cards are accepted. This makes them ideal for frequent travelers and those who need to use a credit card at all times. Also, at home credit cards add to your bank balance since you do not carry a large balance from other sources. Home card users also add to their bank account by paying their bills on time.

There are various types of at home credit card offers. They include the usual MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Amex offers. But there are certain differences in the offers depending on the credit score and the credit bureaus. There is a basic difference in the APR for these at home credit cards. For those with a low credit score, the introductory APR charge card is the best suited for them as it offers the lowest interest rate.

The introductory period is usually good for about a month. During this period the interest rate will be zero during the time frame. The customer will have to pay the full amount towards his credit after the introductory period is over. It is obvious that after this period is over, the customer will have a higher debt to credit ratio. Hence, to avoid this, one should always go in for a credit card that offers at least a three-month revolving balance and doesn't require the payment of any interest during this period.

In the market, there are various types of at home credit cards available. The interest rates vary as per the credit score of the person. Hence one can choose a card with low interest if he has a good credit score or a high credit score if he needs a higher interest rate. The choice depends on how much he wants to borrow and what he plans to use the card for.

If the aim is to maintain a credit rating then one should go in for a secured credit card. Secured cards offer high interest because they are backed by collateral. Hence the person who wants to avail of the facility should put his property or something valuable as security. These cards are only meant for individuals who have a good credit standing at home.

One can also opt for prepaid credit cards. The main advantage of such a card is that you make payments only after having established an account with the credit service provider. However, in many cases where the user does not want to pay any up front fees, the credit service provider may charge a heavy amount as late fee.

Apart from these there are at home credit cards, which one can use for traveling purpose. Many travel companies provide credit facilities to the customers. The customer can use the card for purchasing air tickets and hotel rooms. He can also purchase tickets to any land or show that he desires to see. This makes the card very convenient and beneficial if one travels frequently. Moreover one can avoid paying extra money for purchasing items that are not actually required.

Many people prefer to get such a card online. This is mainly because it is easy to get such a card online and most of the providers offer free or low cost services. One can easily check out the services and compare them by comparing different quotes. One can even shop for such a card from the comfort of his home.

There are various other benefits apart from the ones mentioned above. When choosing a credit card for at home credit, one should try to choose a card that offers the lowest interest rate. A customer can also opt for a credit card that offers added security features like a fraud immunity or one which helps a person in rebuilding a credit score.

When deciding on the type of at home credit card to be chosen, the applicant must consider the available options and plans. A person can opt for a prepaid card online or offline. Different types of cards are available online as well as offline. Before finalizing the type of credit card, one should compare the plans offered by all the credit card providers and select the one that best suits his needs.

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