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3 Great American Express Gold Card Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends | american express gold card

If you are seeking a credit card with rewards programs that is not only accepted at all major retailers but also offers rewards for every type of purchase you make, the American Express Gold Card is a great choice. Unlike many cards out there today, the American Express Gold Card from American Express is designed for savvy consumers. There are different rewards options you can choose from, depending on your needs. They come in a variety of different offerings. This article will go over some of these benefits, so you can determine if this is the right card for you:

See Rates on Airline Travel: You should definitely check out the benefits offered by the American Express Gold Card when it comes to airfare rewards and bonus points. Exceptional points bonuses on dining, travel, and grocery purchases: On the average, the top 3 points earning cards from American Express rival the best deals offered by other issuers, even those who exclusively service hotels. But if you carefully plan out your points incentives, you can really get more value out of the American Express Gold Card than these other cards offer from the big names in credit cards. With a little research, you can find a site that gives you comparisons between American Express, Visa, and MasterCard rewards programs. You can also look into what the security measures are when using your card abroad.

Save on Annual Fees: One of the least desirable things about American Express Gold Card is the yearly fee of $125. Even though it's quite a reasonable annual fee, the fees are nothing to sneeze at, especially if they tack on high interest penalties as well. If you have an emergency need for cash and you really need it now, the last thing you need to do is dig through your wallet to find the extra money to pay the annual fee. You can do away with the annual fee and earn points instead. With a Gold Card, you earn one to three times more points for every dollar you charge, making the point earning rewards much higher than the annual fee required to earn them.

Take Advantage of ATM Statement Credits: If you don't like to deal with an annual fee, try getting extra statement credits instead. When you apply for an American express card online, you usually won't be given an opportunity to apply for a card with a higher credit limit (unless you want to take advantage of an Offer), but once you do, the opportunities for getting statement credits are almost endless. Most issuers will give you one or two free statement credits every year, depending on the card you apply for. These statement credits can be used to add funds to your existing credit line, pay down debt, or even take advantage of cash back rebates that you might not otherwise be able to receive. If you have any unsecured debt, take advantage of getting cash back rebates on it to pay it off completely.

Enjoy All The Rewards, But Watch Out For the Restrictions: The biggest problem with American Express Gold Cards is that they tend to come with rather restrictive terms and conditions. After all, they are credit cards that pay you back with points and bonus offers. That's great! However, you will often need to pay a significant annual fee in order to enjoy the best rewards rate. This can become rather expensive, especially if you don't use your card enough to make it worthwhile.

There are three restrictions associated with American Express Gold Cards, and these include: you have to transfer at least $2000 from your checking account into your Gold Card account, your spending must be done in the United States, and you must make at least six purchases every twelve months or you will receive a $250 annual fee. Don't let this stop you from applying, however, as many issuers actually offer a zero percent APR introductory offer once you meet their threshold. If you don't like the restrictions, but would still like to earn the rewards, you can pay the annual fee but be sure to find out what other terms and conditions you'll be facing. That way, you know whether joining the Gold Card program is in your best interest.

Can You Use It for Dining? American Express offers dining credit on their Gold Cards, but unlike other cards, these can only be used for dining at specific restaurants located in the Gold Card program area. You can earn bonus points, but those points won't be helpful unless you eat at one of the selected restaurants listed on the cards.

You Earn More With Gold Cards Than Other Cards: Yes, American Express does earn you some rewards points for every dollar you charge, but so does every other credit card company. The reason American Express Gold Cards has such low rates is because they offer so much value. This kind of value, however, is not available with every travel partner airline companies. Each airline will provide their own offers, terms and conditions. Be sure to check that out to see which airline will give you the most value for your rewards.

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