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3 Clarifications On Citizens Bank Credit Card | citizens bank credit card

Citizens Bank is the second largest bank in the State of Delaware. It is a community based bank that offers its customers many financial services including checking, savings, investment and loans. It has branches in Baltimore, Maryland, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Connecticut, New York City, Ohio and Virginia. Among its different credit card services are the following:

The citizens bank credit card allows one to make purchases using their debit cards or as a substitute for cash. The credit limit on the account can be increased or decreased depending upon one's financial status. The benefits of owning this type of bank card are that you can use it as a checking account, savings account or an ATM card. The debit cards issued from the account are also considered cash by the bank.

The purchase price and the APR of the credit card are determined by the balance which is carried on the account. A balance will appear on the statement indicating the amount of purchases, if any, at that particular time and you will pay an annual fee if the account holder exceeds the credit card limit. Some of the features of the credit cards offered by the bank are the ability to make purchases online without presenting a checking or savings account and a program called EFT which automatically transfers your balance to the designated debit card. There is also an EFT option to transfer your balance to your savings account.

The debit cards issued from the bank have been designed to give its cardholders flexibility. The ability to make purchases with the debit card instead of cash will save money, provide security and simplify one's life. There are many perks such as reward points, air miles and discounts at restaurants. However, one should consider carefully before choosing the bank credit card as many offer similar services. The only way to choose the right one is to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each credit card.

Citizens Bank offers both the traditional credit card and debit card. The prepaid card helps one to get prepared for the expenses and provides the convenience to make payments when needed. The card has no interest rate and the only transaction fee is the one-time set-up fee. This card can be used anywhere MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

The standard account with the bank includes the card with a zero percent introductory rate, grace period and reward points. If you choose a special credit card, you will enjoy special benefits. One can choose between direct deposit and electronic checks. There are other options such as automatic bill payments and an electronic transfer from your checking account to the card. The cards are good for gas and groceries.

There is another type of credit card, which is known as the zero liability card. The zero liability cards give the freedom to make purchases online. The account holder does not have to worry about paying taxes, providing identification or proving age. These cards also offer rewards and special services. Citizens Bank offers a debit card which can be used to withdraw cash.

The online application process is simple and easy. The application can be made online by filling up the application form with the required details. The process involves less paperwork but can take up to two weeks. The card gets issued soon after the approval. If you wish to transfer money, it can be done through the electronic fund transfer system which is faster and less paper work.

There is no annual fee charged on these cards. However, there are some annual fees for the services like ATM usage. In case of any damage to the card, the bank will provide a new one free of cost. Other minor fees apply if you want to pay off the balance before the due date.

It is recommended that before choosing the card, you should research well to understand the terms and conditions associated with the card. Most cards have a standard interest rate. The interest rates vary according to the issuer and the card. These cards also offer rewards and special services such as air miles. In most cases, the interest rates are very low for new applicants.

However, the interest rates depend upon the type of credit card. You should do a little research before you make a decision so that you make the right choice. The interest rates charged by Citizens Bank credit card are low and therefore make it a great deal.

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