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Understand The Background Of Banana Republic Credit Card Now | banana republic credit card

The Banana Republic Credit Card, offered by Synchrony Bank, may have you dressing like a runway model, but the benefits program is hard to live with. Even if you're a true Banana Republic fan, though, it can be all worth it to take the time to read the fine print. While the benefits may seem great, the annual fee alone is steep. You will also find that the annual fee has you paying interest payments on purchases you make, making the credit card almost entirely unusable while you wait for the introductory period to end. Those who are able to pay their balance off each month are often upset by the high interest rates.

Some perks, such as airline miles, are worth the nominal fee. But those rewards aren't worth much without some reasonable usage. And there are only so many perks that are actually worthwhile. For example, there are no airline reward programs with these cards. And they don't offer any rebate cash back programs, so those rebates will have little impact on your bottom line.

Those who use the Banana Republic credit cards find they spend more than they planned. Almost any American citizen has the right to earn rewards for every dollar spent. There are no spending limits and the cards come with an eight-hour billing system so you can avoid standing in line for services. The upside is that those who use the credit cards often find that they pay off their balance much faster than they intended due to the large interest savings they earn.

So is the cardholders' reward structure worth the added costs? Yes, and no. Those earning points can use those rewards to offset the annual fees, but once they have those balances down, the annual fees start to hurt them big time. The two cards that provide the most value per dollar to cardholders are the Blue and Gold Republic ones. Each one provides a higher rebate rate than the other one, which allows cardholders to earn additional rewards on nearly every purchase.

So what's the big deal? The Rolodex Plus Rewards program from American Express and Visa/MasterCard gives cardholders an easy way to earn rewards and reimbursement on every purchase. All they need to do is to use their credit card to make purchases or at least make them on a regular basis. They may receive offers for cash back, gift certificates, or enter a drawing for merchandise. This kind of rewards program is not offered by all credit cards offered in the United States, Canada, and Europe. This is because the American Express and Visa/MasterCard company don't market the program internationally.

However, you should check out the partnership between American Express and Bananas, as this could be a great way to earn rewards. The partnership allows American Express and Bananas to provide credit cards with double rewards programs. First, they will allow cardholders to earn rewards on their purchases at their selected merchants. Then, whenever they make a purchase, they earn another reward point.

The second part of the partnership allows cardholders to get an even better rewards program. Once you have reached a particular dollar amount, you'll earn yet another reward point. This second point can then be redeemed for merchandise. American Express and Bananas may offer up to five,000 points for a single purchase or up to twenty-five,000 points for fifty purchases over a twelve month period.

The downside of this card is that it has a relatively high interest rate. You can expect to pay at least five percent per year in interest, although this varies. Also, the credit score requirement for the introductory rate may cause your monthly payments to go up unless you have a very low credit score. Still, if you are looking for a card with rewards programs that are not too expensive, then this could be an option for you. Just make sure to read all the fine print so you know what you are getting into.

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