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The Death Of Verizon Visa Credit Card | verizon visa credit card

If you are not yet a Verizon customer, do yourself a favor and check out their new Visa Credit Card. The benefits and features are quite amazing. You can now get unlimited calling minutes anywhere, anytime with a Verizon Prepaid Call Anywhere plan. You can also enjoy instant nationwide coverage on Verizon FiOS services. Verizon's commitment to you, your home, office or place of business is truly remarkable.

What's more, Verizon Visa Card members enjoy more than just discounted rates on services like FiOS. They earn up to two times more in reward points just by making purchases with their card. That means even more cash back on select items, frequent travelers' bonuses, gift cards for department stores and even cash back on thousands of hotel rooms worldwide. If you're already a Verizon customer then you've earned some of these special perks.

In fact, Verizon Visa Credit Cards provides a one time 15 percent discount on all purchases you make with your card. This applies to restaurants, select gasoline stations, drugstores and so much more. If you are already a Verizon customer you'll see those special Visa cards as reward entries in your monthly billing statement. So, not only will you save money when you use your cards abroad but you will also save money back at home.

There are other rewards programs available to Verizon Visa Credit Cards. In fact, there are several thousand incentives you can earn including travel miles. Depending on the destination you choose, you can redeem those miles for free airline tickets, hotel stays, cruises, rental cars and much more. And that's just the beginning of your rewards. You'll also enjoy incentive rewards and frequent flyer miles, which can be used for purchases at local hotels, restaurants, and shops as well as other destinations throughout the world.

But this isn't the only way to get the maximum benefits from Verizon Visa Credit Card offers. They also offer special packages that include your calling plan, minutes, unlimited international calls, and special deals on your Internet service. There are two free travelpass days each year, which means you'll be able to take advantage of international traveling discounts, savings and more. And that's just the beginning.

So whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Verizon Visa Credit Cards can help you plan the most memorable experience possible. The special incentives, travel rewards value and service discounts included in every card will allow you to take advantage of everything Verizon has to offer and make your overseas adventure even more exciting. Don't take their word for it. Check out the details of the offers and find out what Verizon cardholders have been able to accomplish by using their cards.

Travel rewards cards earn you points that add up to a specific amount called the air miles. These air miles can be redeemed for airfare, rental cars and other expenses when you use them for purchases. You earn rewards never expire and are worth every single point you earn. Plus, Verizon offers an annual service discount for long-term plans, so you'll pay less in the long run and use less than you would with other providers.

Verizon Visa Credit Cards earns you cash back when you make purchases at select retailers or online. For every purchase you make, you earn one point, which can be traded in for a new device. You can redeem your points for new devices or other gift items when you visit Verizon stores or online. Plus, there are no annual fees attached to these cards.

For those who want to take advantage of Verizon FiOS services in their homes, Verizon Credit Cards can give you free FiOS upgrades when you pay your bill on time. Plus, you won't have to pay any additional FiOS installation fees. And as part of your rewards, you'll get two years of unlimited talktime included. If you need more, Verizon will upgrade your service at no additional cost. And if you use your wireless phone for more than just calling, then you'll get additional minutes free when you pay your bill on time each month.

As you can see, there are many advantages associated with Verizon FiOS services. If you're shopping for a new mobile service, Verizon Credit Cards makes an excellent option. You can use them to purchase a new smartphone, get free FiOS upgrades or other benefits, and enjoy two free days in any participating Verizon store when you pay your bill on time each month.

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