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The 3 Secrets You Will Never Know About Chase Visa | chase visa

If you are a regular traveler on the Disney theme parks, then you know how important a card like the Chase Visa is. With it, you can gain access to the best discounts and convenience features found on the Disney theme parks. But what is the difference between the two types of cards? Find out in this article!

The Basics About the Disney Chase Visa and the Disney Chase VIP Credit Cards. First thing's first, both of these cards are essentially the same, there are really just two differences. For the purposes of clarity, the two types of cards are interchangeable; they just use different card data. The basic differences between the two cards are as follows:

The first big difference is the way in which you must load your account with money in order to use your card. Both the Disney Visa and the Disney Chase VIP have different payment methods. Both have their own rewards programs, and each also has a unique section for cash back. What is the deal about these sections though?

The answer is in the details regarding how you can load your account with money from the airline, hotel or rental car company. Each of these methods usually has its own set of requirements. When you have both a Chase Visa and a Disney Visa card, you are essentially able to load your account with money from anywhere that accepts those types of cards. That is a pretty big difference. With the use of a debit card, you can only load your account with money from an ATM.

The second big difference between the two credit cards is the amount of money you get to earn. The Walt Disney Visa gives you about two to four percent cash back for every dollar that you charge. That's less than one percent, but it still means that you can potentially earn up to twenty-five percent cash back from your purchases. When you look at the other cards, you will see a much smaller amount, but you still get to earn up to fifty percent cash back on all of your purchases. For some people, earning that kind of money would be enough to justify the chase.

Another important detail that might make chase Visa and Disney Chase credit cards attractive to you is the fact that you can use your card to load virtually any kind of traveler's check with funds. When you sign up for the cards, you receive a special swiper code. You can then load this swiper code with money from ATM's, rent cars, or even pay bills. This feature allows you to load funds from practically anywhere. Many travelers swear by the ability to load their credit cards with money from rental cars and airlines.

What makes chase Visa and Disney Chase cards so attractive? Another thing that makes them such a good deal is that the annual fees and service charges are relatively low. If you compare those to the annual fees and interest charges associated with most American credit cards, you will find that chase Visa and Disney Chase offer a better balance. They also have no annual fee and very low ongoing payments. When compared to the other cards out there, they seem like a great deal.

Some cardholders worry that chase Visa and Disney Chase credit cards are not as beneficial as other perks. However, if you compare their benefits to those of other issuers, you will see that the differences start to appear fairly quickly. After you receive your credit card, you will notice that you can use it anywhere that major credit cards are accepted. This opens up a whole new world of travel for you. By using it in these areas, you can earn rewards dollars and save more money when you purchase items for traveling purposes.

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