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Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Mastercard Credit? | mastercard credit

Mastercard Incorporated is a global financial services company headquartered in the Mastercard International headquarters in Purchase, New York. The global operations headquarters is based in O'Fallon, Missouri, in a county of St. Louis County, Missouri. The company was started in 1977 by David Woodman and John Richard Lynch. The name “Mastercard” was selected because it has a symbol which represents credit worthiness, security and authority.

The company offers a variety of products. The most popular product is the Mastercard Credit Card. The card allows the holder to make purchases anywhere in the world and the card holder can earn discounts when he or she presents the card to the retailers. These cards come with a variable annual fee and a cash back option called “cash back”. In this article I will talk about some interesting features of the Mastercard credit card.

The cards offer different rewards depending on whether you are using the card for business or personal use. You earn two points for every dollar that you spend which can be redeemed for gift certificates, frequent flyer miles and even cash back. There are two companies who manufacture these cards namely Visa and Mastercard.

In this article I will discuss the benefits of using the Visa or Mastercard credit cards. First of all there are two kinds of reward programs. First one is the credit cards which have fixed benefits and features like no annual fee, cash back and etc. Second one is the reward tiers. There are five tiers namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Unique.

Other credit card benefits include travel insurance coverage and rental car insurance coverage. Rental car insurance is great to cover your car damages in case of accidents. Price protection is also a wonderful feature as it helps you save money from losing purchasing power due to sudden increase in prices. You can get protection up to two years. Other benefits include news and sports subscriptions, children's programs, kid's entertainer's pass, first night free and weekend vacation clubs.

In this article I will talk about some of the perks like zero liability protection and special pricing rates for corporate clients. Zero liability is a great feature, as this can help you to protect your own assets. Other benefits include discounts on dining plans, fuel rebates, low interest rate mortgages, travel insurance, babysitters, kids club, discount apparel, car rentals, airport shuttle and discounts on entertainment tickets.

These credit cards are issued by banks and therefore there are some banks who issue them exclusively. The most prominent banks who issue them are HSBC, Citibank and MBNA America among many others. The other ones are not so popular due to their low credit ratings. Some of these banks include Chase Bank, Discover Card, American Express Credit Cards, Bank of America, Citi Cards and Wachovia Cards among many others.

The MasterCard Rewards Cards have been introduced to compete with other issuers like Visa and MasterCard. The rewards cards are great for frequent travelers and for those who need cash back for their purchases. The benefits cards give you cash rebates, air miles and hotel stays at five-star hotels. The rewards cards from these banks are accepted at all the stores and ATM worldwide.

The MasterCard Rewards Credit Card comes with different perks and offers like rebate on cruises, cash back, discounts on everyday consumer products, airline miles reward program, hotel stays at five-star hotels and much more. There is an annual fee which can be as low as $ Moderate if you pay your bills monthly. There are some of the major perks that come with the credit card including gasoline rebate, premium airline tickets, auto rental reimbursement, cash back on dining plans, gasoline rebates, discounts on everyday consumer products, airline miles reward program, and more.

The major difference between the credit cards offer by these banks is that they have a couple of differences in the features and benefits. The annual fee is one of the major factors which determine which bank to go for. Some of the other features and benefits offered by the banks are the payment networks like MasterCard Europe, Immediate payment, multi-currency accounts, electronic check processing, membership to Points Of Sale (POS) programs, electronic statements, direct deposit, and more.

Some of the additional benefits are provided on the grounds of the contract period, such as special discounts for business enterprises, travel, leisure time, automotive rentals, pet insurance, home rental insurance, car rental discounts, roadside assistance, health services, and others. The additional benefits also come along with different interest rates depending on the banks which you go for. You should always compare the interest rate quotes of different banks before deciding which bank to go for your credit card. There are several online resources where comparison can be made, which will help you choose the best rewards credit card for you.

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