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Learn All About Vedascore Plus From This Politician | vedascore plus

 Vedascore Plus is the most recent credit check product from Vedantic. It is a patented, high-end credit score and credit repair tool for the small business owner who wants to maintain a good credit rating, even in today's difficult economy. It says Paterson, “Vedoscope Plus goes beyond traditional credit repair to provide total business solutions that address the biggest issues facing small businesses today.” It is designed to help small business owners, independent contractors, self-employed professionals and retirees improve their financial health while maintaining their freedom. As the owner managers of two successful companies, I was eager to try out Ved Ascendant Plus and to see how it worked.

The first thing I noticed about vedascore plus is that it is different from standard credit repair programs. Paterson explains that standard credit score and credit repair programs only deal with debts that have been reported to the credit reporting bureaus. “Vedoscope Plus goes beyond,” he continues. “It deals with the actual debts, addresses the causes of bad debt collection and deals with the root causes of credit score damage.”

In my opinion, vedascore plus is an excellent credit repair program because it focuses on the actual debts. The endoscope is a little different than the standard credit repair program because it asks a more detailed question about each debt. In this respect, it is different from standard credit repair programs. I also found that the endoscope was more targeted at new zealanders and less risky for retired people. This is in line with the marketing plan for vedascore plus. It is targeted toward people with new business but less risky for retired people and new business owners.

Another key feature of vedascore plus is that it is based on three factors. These factors are risk profile, management strategy and credit policy. These three factors make up the credit policy of the vedacea company. The risk profile refers to the way the company will handle each and every account that is opened.

“We have a set of standards that we use to review each account and decide if it is safe or not. Each of those standards has a different focus. For example, for new business, we don't use credit checks at all. We only look at the people's social security number, their date of birth and income level. For retired persons, we do a credit check but it isn't as strict as what is used by the credit policy of veda.”

On the other hand, credit policy refers to the way how they do business. “Credit policy consists of the policies we follow when collecting credit information from customers. Credit policy will also have a clause on how we will deal with bad debts. The goal of this clause is to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. If there are too many complaints about the way vedascore plus collects credit information, we won't hesitate to remove the service.”

As far as the ways how the company will deal with bad debts, “Generally, we will just contact the debtors. Once they acknowledge that we have their payments, we will start making the payments directly to their creditors. This process will take three to four months. During this period, we will keep them updated about our payments. We will also remind them that we have removed their debts from ved ASC”.

The last but not the least is vedascore plus package. It is “A fully integrated marketing strategy for debt collection. It includes core competencies of a professional debt collection agency in debt collection, marketing of new services and post collection servicing.” According to Jorey, “It is a complete package. It is ved's best offering to date.”

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