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All You Need To Know About Amex Platinum | amex platinum

The new Amex Platinum card combines great value with low fees and an easy to use process. Amex Platinum cardholders enjoy low interest rates on purchases and balance transfers, rewards and frequent flier miles. The Amex Platinum card is not exactly thick, but it does come with a nice welcome bonus and travel perks. But the Amex Platinum also has a very high yearly fee of $ Tammy, which is higher than the average Visa card fee.

This high annual fee may seem like an unnecessary expense, but in reality it serves as protection for Amex if you were to be declined for another credit card with this history. If you have bad credit history, such as missed payments and bankruptcy, you will have a harder time finding another card that accepts you. However, with an Amex Platinum card you can be guaranteed to be accepted for travel credit cards by being approved the first time.

Another benefit of the amex platinum card is its one-time fee for the metal credit cards. It is a great offer compared to the other cards that charge large annual fees. This fee is in addition to the one-time membership fee for the convenience of the online application. There is no reason to use a credit card that charges you so much when there are so many cards that don't. With the one-time fee, you pay one time and then don't have to pay a fee again.

One benefit of this type of credit card is the same low interest rate for a set period of time. You won't see rates as high as credit cards with annual fees and longer grace periods. When you apply for an Amex Platinum card you can see rates as low as 3%, with a possible annual fee as low as $55. This works out to less than half the average credit card rate. The low interest rate makes this an easy way to save money. The lowest among all the credit cards.

Another great benefit of the amex platinum card is it gives you the benefit of discounts. You can get a percentage off on the price of your rental car. It gives you the benefit of having your membership fee waived if you rent cars often. The benefits are limited to car rental but that should still give you some good savings. Other benefits include travel insurance, major repairs, car rental insurance and rental car service for vacation trips.

One big benefit of the amex platinum card is you can earn rewards for just about everything you do with it. You can earn a cash rebate for every dollar you charge to your credit cards. You also get cash bonuses for every dollar you bring home from a hotel, airline miles, gas rebates, gift certificates and more. There are tons of different ways you can earn rewards. The low debt-to-income ratio again makes this an easy way to help you save money.

The Rewards program of the amex platinum card is absolutely amazing. You can see rates from various airlines and hotels at the same time. You can choose from several great hotels all over the world. You earn miles towards your next vacation, so you can travel the world and see places you've never seen before. It's like having your own personal airline.

The last great benefit of this cardholders' benefit is they have a great deal of flexibility. They have the option whether to pay their monthly bill in cash or automatically use the card. They also have the option whether or not to earn miles towards another reward or cash back. So you get all these benefits at the same time as a platinum cardholder. It makes the amex platinum card one of the best cards you can get.

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