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3 Ideas To Organize Your Own Bluebird Amex | bluebird amex

Are you familiar with the Bluebird AMEX? Well, the very term itself may give a clue to this. Amex is known by most of us and they have been in the business of direct deposit banking for quite a number of years. The Bluebird brand was developed by BankFirst Corporation, which is also known as First National Bank. It was founded by Joseph C. Di Lemme.

You may have heard of the other direct deposit banking alternatives. They are; Chexsystems, Neteller and Trustmark. Apart from these, there are the American Express Serve, Gold and Silver Direct Deposit, and Northern bank CD's that are available. If you are new in direct deposit banking, you may opt for the bluebird amex. The advantages are more as compared to the other options we have mentioned.

Like the Chexsystems and Neteller, the Bluebird AMEX has a high fee structure. This is fixed monthly and is non refundable. If you are going to use the prepaid debit card, you may be surprised to find out that you will have to pay three percent in the annual fee.

One advantage is that you can get instant approvals and cash back. However, the next disadvantage is that you will only receive the cash back when you use your prepaid credit card. There is also no free checks online, as is offered by the Capital One 360 checking account. You can withdraw checks online though. The final disadvantage is that you will only receive the bonuses after you have converted your regular credit card into a prepaid one.

We have mentioned that the bluebird AMEX has a high rate of interest. What is more, this is its only advantage over the other major prepaid debit card brands. These other brands offer competitive rates including the MasterCard and Visa cards. In addition, they have added features and benefits for convenience. The Capital One 360 Checking Account has been noted for having direct deposit and free checks.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Capital One 360 Checking Account include the fact that it does not allow free checks. It has been reported by users that there are problems receiving money and having it properly deposited into the account. Since bluebird does not offer free checks, this could pose a problem for its customers. In addition, some users complained about the monthly fees being charged. Some were reported to be paying up to fifteen dollars per month.

The Capital One 360 Checking Account has an online mobile app and online web page where you can add funds to the account. The debit card can be used just like a normal card with the exception that you can not carry it around with you. This is the reason why the app was added in order to make transactions easier and simpler. You do not have to use your smartphone or tablet to carry the bluebird debit card around because you can just access the secure online web page and log on to your account via the internet.

The Capital One mobile app allows users to view their balance, pay bills online, transfer money and even set up direct deposit. This is the reason most people prefer the Capital One 360 Checking Account as opposed to any other brand. The Capital One mobile app is fast, simple and easy to use. It does not take up too much of your time as it uses a short and fast method to add funds to your checking account. The Capital One mobile app does not have all the bells and whistles that other brands have but it is still a very convenient product to have because of the fact that it is fast and simple.

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