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3 Great Chime Visa Debit Card Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends | chime visa debit card

 At Chime, we made a new way to take your money with no hassles and lets you pay up to two months ahead, gets you the check in less than a day, and aids you grow your funds automatically. When you open an Chime bank account, you receive a Chime Visa Debit Card along with a spending account which you can manage entirely from your phone, and an optional Savings Account. The savings account lets you put money aside each month to use at a later date. With a debit card and a spending account, your money grows at a compounded rate that you set using a simple budget planner. We call this feature, the Cash Flow Plus option.

With the use of the Chime Visa debit card and the mobile app, you can activate both the spending and savings accounts. Once you do this, both account will be funded and you will have access to your funds on the go. How does this work? With the mobile app, you can activate the account from anywhere. You simply look up your spending limit on the mobile app, and you can activate your account without looking into your email box.

Once you do this, you can then set up automatic savings and make purchases. For instance, when you put in your daily shopping total for the week, the app will compute your current balance, take your tolls and gas expenses into consideration and then determine your weekly target income. From there, the app will allow you to select how much to put toward your debit card balance. It will also calculate your payment frequency. And, since it is now funded, it will automatically deduct your purchases from your savings account every Friday evening. Now, that is getting you closer to a frugal lifestyle!

You can view your spending account balance at any time by logging in to your account online. If you would like to see a detailed summary of your spending for the week, you can simply pull up your statement. With this information, you can already plan out your next action such as buying vitamins or food items with your Chime Visa debit card. With this information, you can easily save money since you know exactly how much to set aside for your next purchase.

Another way to get paid by your Chime Visa debit card is to earn 1 point for every purchase you make. Here's how it works: every purchase you make is added to your database. When it comes time to redeem your reward points, simply check the card holder's shopping cart to find the item that you want. Choose it, pay for it and then add your reward points. The more you shop using your card, the more points you can get. It's as easy as that!

One more way to get paid by your Chime Visa debit card is to sign up for the Chime banking app. This banking app is exclusive to Chime users. Here, you can monitor your spending, see your transactions and even get paid by your Chime Visa debit card each time you shop. This application does not require additional fees or membership fees. As an added feature, this banking app also lets you earn rewards every time you use your card to make purchases.

To be able to cash out from your account when you need cash, you should use the online banking option. The difference between this online option and the mobile banking app is that when you make a transaction at a branch location, the bank sends you a confirmation notice. You can call them up to confirm the transaction before the money is credited to your account. When you go online to do your transaction, however, you will not receive a confirmation notice since you will be doing the transaction from your computer at home.

With your Chime Visa debit card, it is possible for you to save more money for other uses and emergencies. It would be impossible for you to budget your finances, if you have a large number of spending accounts at different places. With one account, you have a single line of defense against sudden unexpected expenses. This is the power of savings accounts like the Chime savings account. This is also the power of a Debit MasterCard.

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