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3 Facts That Nobody Told You About Online Credit Card | online credit card

If you're like many people, you might not have ever used an online credit card service. But if you want to use one of these services without having to carry around your ID and wallet, there are many benefits to be found. First, there's the convenience factor. Just about everyone has a smartphone or tablet (including business professionals who travel), and this allows you to make purchases online with just the touch of a button.

However, there are also many other advantages to using an online account for your monthly payments. For one thing, there are no fees involved. Most credit card issuers charge fees for the convenience of making online transactions, but they don't add up when you add up the total over time. Even a small transaction, like a gas purchase, could easily rack up a large fee if it wasn't included in the monthly statement you received. With an online account, you can simply make payments each month without any added fees.

In addition, you won't be charged any late payment fees for most online transactions. It's true that some online providers do charge a minimal fee for transactions that occur after the due date, but these fees generally apply only to future transactions and not past ones. When you make a past due payment online, you might still be charged a fee. For this reason, you should look for a provider that charges a flat fee for all transactions. This is the best way to avoid being overcharged for your bills.

Of course, not all online credit cards offer this feature. Some still allow you to make payments on your phone, through a mobile device, or by mailing in paper forms. For those types of credit cards, however, the convenience and security of an online billing statement can't be beaten. It eliminates the need to print out paper forms each time you make a payment. Instead, you can view your bill at any time and make any changes that you want.

With a virtual credit card, the issuer can't simply jack up your fees if you miss a payment. The reason for this is that the issuer never actually holds your card number or your account number. Instead, the information required by the law to issue your card is encrypted and sent over the Internet to the virtual provider.

You should be aware, however, that virtual cards are not always a good idea. Some online vendors place their own information on the virtual cards, including their address and telephone number. Even though the issuer might not have your personal information, other vendors may use this information to try to contact you. If you ever fall victim to an unauthorized call from an unrecognized phone number, you run the risk of being charged a great deal more than you intended to.

The problem with these unsecured online cards is that they are offered by only some of the major credit card issuers. Because many of the major credit card issuers have their own websites, they don't offer these virtual cards on their own sites. Instead, they often promote them through “special deals” or bonus programs that they operate separately. For example, one company may run a special promotion that offers five percent back on all purchases for a period of time. The major credit card issuers encourage consumers to sign up for these specials by promising them that they will get a percentage of those purchases back.

Consumers must exercise caution when using these virtual credit cards. Before you use your new virtual card, make absolutely sure that you read the terms and conditions associated with the card very carefully. Most importantly, make sure that you read the fine print. If you find any part of the agreement that you do not understand, don't use the card. This is the only way to avoid getting yourself in deep trouble.

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