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You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Citi Platinum Credit Card | citi platinum credit card

Get the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifying or the Touch n Go micro Wallet worth RMB600 when you apply online for a CITI Platinum Credit Card. Exclusive annual campaign by Compare Heroic. Additional benefits.

Up to RM500 off select beauty care products each month at Lazada with the CITI platinum credit card. You can also enjoy free air tickets when you spend a certain amount each month. To get maximum benefits, choose only the products that you are going to use frequently and pay in full at the end of the month. The rewards will be credited in your account every month, regardless of the amount of purchases you make. You can also use these purchases towards making larger purchases. These are some of the things you can do with the cash back option.

You can enjoy free tickets to cinemas every month when you use the cinema card from CITI. You can also earn points when you shop at Chinese Laundry, Chinese restaurant, China Mall and other establishments that are found at the mall. When you make purchases at these establishments, the cash bonus will be applied in your account. You can earn credits for all your purchases at the participating establishments every month.

Buy something online today and pay later: This is one of the features of the citi platinum credit card that most people like to avail of. When you choose to top-up your card, it will give you an automatic top-up message. If you choose not to accept the offer to top-up, then you will get an email from CITI. On the fifth of every month, they will send you a reminder by email, reminding you again of your choice to top-up.

Earn up to twenty-five percent rebate on restaurants and grocery stores: When you buy foods and groceries from participating partners of CITI Platinum Credit Card, you will be entitled to rebate points. These rebates will cover costs such as the membership fee, maintenance cost, processing fee, shipping and handling charges and other fees. These rebates are good, which means you can claim them as many times as possible.

Enjoy complimentary air travel for as many days as possible: On the fourth of every month, you will get an email with information about air tickets available for travel within the next seven days. The information includes the air ticket's date and time, fare cost, charges and the number of days it is available. Apart from that, on your fifth day, you will receive a newsletter informing you about upcoming events in the world of business and travel, featuring world-premier hotel deals and CITI discount deals. You have the choice of choosing between gas station coupons, airline miles and CITI platinum credit cards. You need to spend some time studying the terms and conditions of different programs to find out which ones are the most suitable to suit your needs.

Enjoy zero percent APR on your balance transfers and new purchases for one full year: On the third of every year, you will receive an email informing you that your current balance has been transferred to your CITI account. You will have to go online and choose the offer that suits your requirements. After you have decided, you will automatically enjoy zero percent APR on your balance transfers and new purchases for one full year. If you do not spend any money during this period, you will still have the option of extending your zero percent APR for an additional twelve months. However, this extension will be applied at the cost of an extra annual fee.

You can use your CITI Credit Card to shop at a number of retail outlets including departmental stores, petrol stations and airline companies. A number of departmental stores and petrol stations in the United Kingdom offer reward points, which you can exchange for gifts or merchandise. The rewards vary from store to store, and you should check them out to know more. Airline companies include British Airways, EasyJet, Air Canada and British Airways. Some other companies offer the benefit of flight tickets, while others give the option of purchasing merchandise on-line at various retailers.

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