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Top Seven Trends In Amex Shop Small Logo To Watch | amex shop small logo

Amex Shop is the very first shop to use a small logo on their letterhead. The very first of many. After the Joint Ventures Corporation (JP Morgan Chase Bank) was bought by the giant insurance company, General Motors, Amex Shop was born. For some reason it became almost as successful as JV and is now considered by many, one of the best places for corporate gifts. And apparently to the customers, as well.

The very first thing that I noticed when I visited the Amex Shop was the use of the circular store branding on the shop's business cards. Almost identical to the logos they use on their business cards. But then it became obvious. This was no ordinary small business, or even small logo shop.

Corporate gifts are not cheap, and Amex was charging quite a bit, even with the “small” logo. So the question becomes, if they charge so much, how could they be one of the top places for corporate gifts? And if their reputation on the internet had been any indication, it is obvious that it was a wise move for them to use this strategy to get more business. It does work! Consider it an early warning sign for potential customers.

One way to look at it is this: if your small logo is on the big giant Amex sign, why should they be on your business cards? It doesn't make sense. Does it? Not to mention that the logo is small and difficult to read. It is highly doubtful that the customer will see anything of value on the card. They will just see the logo and know nothing else about your business.

By doing this, they are subtly telling the potential customer that your business does not specialize in that product and that they will need to find something else. This may not be accurate, depending on their personal situation. For example, let's say that you are a family of five. If Amex came out with their own small logo shop, we would probably all be wearing our business cards. If they do not offer business cards, they will probably go with some kind of store where they can spend the money required to provide a new credit card for each member of their family.

What is the advantage here for the small business owner? It means that your name, logo and message will be on the small print as opposed to all the other information on the business cards. This means a significant increase in sales. When people see your small logo on the outside of the card, they immediately see your name and number. That will give them the impression that you are a reputable company and a great place to do business.

The next scenario is even more interesting. Suppose that you are a very successful small company with ten thousand employees and your sales are in freefall. Your salesperson shows an Amex small logo on his business cards. He goes out and starts talking to all the potential customers he sees… and guess what?

Because he is representing your small company, not only do you get a sale from this individual, but all the other potential customers he talks to will see your small trademark on his business card as well. This will definitely spread the news about your company and make it look like the big company on the block. In short, this strategy is excellent for growing your business. It can lead to large increases in sales and ultimately help you become a large company with a lot more revenue.

Amex-Shop-Small-logo-w-date – America’s SBDC – amex shop small logo | amex shop small logo

Shop Small Deutschland American Express – amex shop small logo | amex shop small logo

Shop-Small-Initiative von AMEX nun auch in Deutschland gelauncht – amex shop small logo | amex shop small logo

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