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The Story Of Bj’s Perks Mastercard Has Just Gone Viral! | bj’s perks mastercard

What if I told you that I could show you a discount on all the BJ's Wholesale products that you choose to buy from MasterCard? Or that I could give you a discount on all of the products that MasterCard sells in partnership with Visa or MasterCard? I'm going to show you how I do it.

The first part of my strategy is to start an in-club account at BJ's Wholesale Club (my favorite.) Do you know what in-club accounts at major retailers are called? If you don't, here goes the explanation: They're accounts where you're allowed to shop without having to go into a store. You enter the store, you see the prices of all the things that you want, and you can then make your purchase (or simply save it to look at later.) It's a great concept, and it's exactly what I use at my BJ's club.

What if I told you that I could earn free merchandise and save money at the same time? What if I could get a free Visa or MasterCard in return? Well here's how I do that, and I'm showing you how you can earn free items and rewards with your current major card.

If you're like most people, you have either a Visa or MasterCard…and some people still have a third one lying around at home. Now here's your chance to earn some free merchandise by using your credit cards at major retailers like BJ's Wholesale Club. At anytime, you can open up an account at the wholesaler club (make sure they accept you as a member.) I use my current card to pay for the items I buy. What you do next is what sets you apart from the others who open up accounts at random retail locations. You deduct your rebate amount from the MasterCard or Visa card account that you have just opened.

You can also choose to get a percentage of the items that you sell instead of paying the cash back amount. Some of the better deals include apparel, electronics, furniture and home accessories like clocks, dishwashers, etc. These are only a few of the items that you can get at the cash back retailers with your card.

If you don't already have a credit card account, you should look into getting one. Plus, they are usually good for travel discounts as well. If you happen to be one of the people who already have a mastercard and use it for everyday purchases at major retailers like BJ's Wholesale Club, you could easily transfer your points to the other type of card. As an example, if you have a BP gas card, you could take that to the BP station and use the points from your current card for gasoline purchases. This would keep your current BP card with you and give you even more perks.

There are other ways to get the perks credit card account with BP that are unique to this brand of clothing store. Some of these perks include free checks, gift certificates and occasional sales and offers. For example, if you buy a couple of different items, like suits, socks, shoes, jeans and a jacket during the next four months, you will qualify for the promotional deal and then get a check in the mail for fifty dollars. The key to qualifying for the sale is to buy between eight and ten products during the promo period.

There are some limitations to the deals that are offered at this popular retailer. While you do earn cash back on many of the products you purchase, you cannot buy a gift certificate. Also, you can only redeem your points on apparel, not furniture, accessories, shoes or any other merchandise. If you want to stack your rewards, you can but only once per customer and you will have to pay for the additional credits on your statement. Overall, the benefits offered by the BP's Perks and Benefits program make it one of the best perks available from a retail store.

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