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The Miracle Of Discover It Miles Card | discover it miles card

You've probably seen some of the special Discover It Miles offers floating around on the internet, and possibly even applied for. The key to getting a good deal like this is in knowing how the system works, and knowing which cards will give you the best overall benefits. The rewards credit cards offered by Discover It Miles are a bit different from the rest. Unlike many cards out there, they don't just give you rewards for spending. They give you bonuses for every dollar you spend!

Most rewards credit cards only offer you between one to two cents in rewards value per dollar paid for non-activated categories, as determined by the leading TPG values. That's certainly better than getting no rewards, but maybe you can do better. Fortunately, there's a new card out there that actually gives 3 cents per mile for every dollar spent on all purchases at the close of the year. This means not only more miles on every purchase, but an increase in statement credits as well!

What sets these cards apart is that you don't have to pay any cash at all to earn these miles. You simply earn them through purchases you make with your Discover It Miles card. That's right – you don't get to keep all of those miles; they're available for use immediately. No annual fee, and no blackout fees for using these cards, which makes them ideal for new cardholders or those who travel frequently.

A special Discover It Miles bonus offer runs separately from this card. With the Discover It Miles card, you get double the points you would for redeeming gas rewards, when you redeem at an authorized dealer. So, the maximum that you'll get off the gas card is triple your regular rewards. This may not seem like much, but it adds up fast, especially if you take a cab to go to work, use public transportation or take the stairs instead of driving.

All the benefits of regular credit cards, without the annual fees, blackout fees and yearly fees. Now that's something worth considering. There are a few other credit cards that offer mileage discounts as well. The Discover It Miles card may not be the most attractive, but it has a great rewards rate.

Discover It Miles Pros & Cons Compared to American Express, Discover It Miles has superior benefits. This new card is also easier to understand, which means that new cardholders can start enjoying their benefits right away. On the other hand, American Express's benefits and features are a bit more complicated. They also charge higher rates for their higher rewards rates. That said, American Express is still a good choice if you travel a lot on planes or want more than the usual reward points.

American Express uses social security numbers and birthdates to hold your account. This means that if you have one of these, you're safe from identity theft. Plus, you won't be approved for a Discover It Miles card without a social security number and birthdate. On the other hand, Discover It Miles has better security measures in place. You'll have an additional security clear from the start and can use your account opening hours to apply for your rewards.

It seems like American Express is offering the best advantages. You will receive a great rewards rate, as well as easy access to your account. You can also choose how you redeem your miles and avoid spending more than you have to. The pros explain that the Discover It Miles card is easier to use compared to the others and that you are offered a higher percentage of points with this specific card compared to others.

Discover it® Miles – Travel Credit Card – discover it miles card | discover it miles card

How to Earn Miles on Discover it Miles Card – Reward Discover – discover it miles card | discover it miles card

Discover it® Miles – Travel Credit Card – discover it miles card | discover it miles card

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