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The Five Reasons Tourists Love Discover Bonus Categories | discover bonus categories

There are many places online that allow you to get to explore bonus categories for the credit cards that you currently have. Each of these categories typically have a minimum balance required before rewards can be earned. The categories range from gas discounts to airline miles. Some of these offers are good while others may not be worth your while.

In most cases, Discover offers the best customer reward programs. You will likely find that they offer five great gift cards to select stores. Most of the five cards include the gasoline discount; however, there is one card that also includes a free trip to Disney. While this is good, you should note that you need to have at least $1000 spent on your new card before you can actually use the gas discounts. Also, prior to taking you through all the bonus categories, you should note that don't have the Discover It or Chase Freedom card, but don't have the CitiDividend either.

Cash Back Credit Cards: You will probably be able to find a Discover cash back card with any of their Discover credit cards. They have five major categories including; savings, travel, oil & gas, electronics and home improvement. This offers the customer five different cash back categories that they can use to purchase just about anything. The five categories are very broad and you would be lucky to actually fit any two items into each one. You would earn approximately two percent cash back per category purchase or about one percent cash back every third month.

Cash Back Credit Cards: There are actually lots of great offers on the Discover card that you could choose from. For example, you will find the Discover More card offers that give you one percent or more cash back on everything you purchase in the four categories that Discover offers. In addition, you also have the Discover airlines miles rewards program. Now, don't let these descriptions fool you because there is more to the Discover cards than just getting cash back on your purchases. There is also the extra benefits like having no annual fees and a very low or no annual percentage rate associated with them.

Bonus Categories: Another great perk associated with the Discover credit cards is that they have bonus categories that you earn points for. They have five different categories that you can earn points in. For example, you can earn up to fifty percent cash back on your first purchase or fifty percent on any additional purchases within that category for an entire year. You can only earn these points once, which makes these credit cards great for cash back purposes and they are also perfect for first time credit card users.

Bonus Miles: The fourth major perk associated with the Discover cards is the use of the airline miles programs. You can use them to get discounts on airfare as well as rental cars. You can get a certain amount of miles for every dollar you charge, so be sure to keep your charges as low as possible. Additionally, you will also get to use these miles to redeem for a trip when traveling to an exotic location. This can make your honeymoon or vacation even more memorable. It is truly a great deal to take advantage of these offers and it definitely worth your while to explore all of the options you have when it comes to the Discover credit cards and discover what kind of rewards you can get.

Cash Back: The fifth major perk associated with the Discover cards is the cash back option. This can come in the form of American Airlines frequent flyer miles, oil refineries frequent flyer miles, car rentals frequent flyer miles as well as hotels and restaurants. As you can see, there are a variety of different ways you can receive cash back on your purchases with these credit cards.

Airline Miles: This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to get cash back when using your card. All you need to do is purchase airline tickets using your card when you are traveling on a sale, or on a cruise, during the first half of the year. In most cases, you will get a significant discount from the normal price of the ticket. Furthermore, many airlines will allow you to book your flight online using your Discover credit card. This means you will not even have to step out of your home or apartment to book your flight. The Discover airline miles program is one of the most popular among rewards programs, which makes it a very good choice to get into if you are interested in maximizing the rewards you earn as well as saving money and time.

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