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The Cheapest Way To Earn Your Free Ticket To Sta Travel Mastercard | sta travel mastercard

Sta Travel Mastercard is often considered the “in” thing to do when it comes to travel rewards. Unlike many credit cards or even debit cards, prepaid cards already have cash loaded into them ahead of time. In fact, you can use your Sta Travel Mastercard just like any other plastic card or ATM card. However, this does come with a couple of limitations.

The first limitation of using a prepaid card is that you cannot use it for international travel. You are still able to use it just like a regular Visa or MasterCard. In other words, you can withdraw your rewards as you please. However, you cannot use your prepaid card to make purchases at gas stations, groceries, drugstores, etc.

The second limitation is that it is only available in the Austrian market only. That's right, this unique brand of card is exclusively offered in the Austrian market. Students in Austria are limited to using a specific digital account that has a limit of $300, which is more than enough for most student travel specialists in the country. This means that if you are a student traveller in Austria and you want to use your Sta Travel card, then you would be out of luck – at least, if you do not happen to be on the list of the card's beneficiaries.

Sta Travel actually has two unique payment solutions. First, there is the Regular Card. This works just like any other credit card or bank card. You can make purchases, cash withdrawals, and even add up your points through the various rebates and incentives. These payment solutions also allow you to set up an automatic deposit into your account each time that you make a purchase that falls within your spending limit.

The second solution that Sta Travel offers to its valued customers is the Smart Visa. This is a type of electronic debit card that is issued by the company through the internet. It works just like any traditional card but this electronic account can be used to pay for goods and services at any POS or retail outlet in the Austrian market. This means that gap-year travellers like you, can enjoy their holiday in style, knowing that they will be able to pay for everything that they buy while they are away from home.

Now that you know that there are two payment options offered by Sta Travel, it is important to know why this company is unique compared to other brands out there. Unlike other banks and credit card providers, this company does not offer a conventional card. That is because it believes that the best way to keep its customers satisfied is to offer them a flexible and convenient financial plan. Although it is not a traditional card like those that are offered by other companies, it is important to note that it is accepted at over 110 countries worldwide including: Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Ecuador, Egypt, French Guiana, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia and Venezuela.

A typical Sta Travel prepaid travel card will allow you to make purchases up to $1000 in every country. You will also get access to rewards and benefits including free air tickets and accommodation, rental cars, resorts and more. With all these benefits, it is not surprising that over half of the Sta Travel prepaid card users in the United Kingdom alone take advantage of this opportunity. Because this is not a traditional card, many people who have applied for a card with this company have found that it could take up to 8 weeks before they receive one. This has been a significant advantage for many students as they do not have to wait around too long to get their card.

Finally, another option that you have when it comes to prepaid cards from Sta Travel is their Global Account. This is a special program that allows gap-year travellers to use their card to purchase air fare, rent a hotel room and more. Gap-year travellers are able to enjoy added benefits such as free travel insurance, assistance with applications for visas and passports as well as secure digital space within their card. The Global Account allows travellers to pay for their transactions in a safe and secured manner online, making it easy for them to manage their funds. As well, they are able to link their account to their bank account so that they will be able to withdraw their rewards when necessary.

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